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I have decided…

June 22, 2009

Hey everyone! Despite the votes in my poll, I have decided to name the main character of my story Delyvéra.

The story will take place in modern-day Kishrylmia, so I will be able to use some slang terms, such as “Cool!” or “Awesome!” Also, there may be a bit of humor in the story.

It is a lot like The Beginning of The EDWAF, although this is only about elves. The two stories aren’t related to each other at all, except for the fact that they both revolve around elves, take place in Kishrylmia, have the same Spellbook, and have a similar storyline.

Vékriarralyn jaschryl!

~Zaeriuraschi 11098

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  1. Pengbro2 permalink
    June 24, 2009 8:57 AM

    Sorry a didn’t comment yesterday! You inspire me so much with your elves and Dragons, that I have decided to fool around with the idea and I created an elf (who is in touch with nature even more than the other elves) whose name is Lrutheu (pronounced Ler-OO-[th]ey-OO)! There is also a special race in the book called satyrs! 🙂

    We Waddle On!

    • June 25, 2009 1:51 AM

      🙂 Cool! I don’t know what else to say about that- I never knew I was inspiring anyone! But this rocks! 🙂

      And speaking of that made-up race in your story, there’s something I want to tell you. Not only do I draw and write stories about elves, but a few months ago (I think in October or something) I created some made-up creatures. The first one I created is called a Mérilaina (pronounced may-rill-ay-nuh.) I got the idea for Mérilainas from Momo, the flying lemur in the show Avatar, and Pokémon.

      I started creating more creatures, which look a lot more random than Mérilainas. Each one is different, and I haven’t named them all. The majority of them are cute and harmless, with their ears slightly torn up at the edges (It’s fun drawing them 🙂 ), but there are some dangerous creatures with sharp teeth and claws. It’s hard to describe what they all look like because they’re so unusual. (I think I’ve drawn about 100 different made-up creatures!) I wish I had a scanner for my computer! I’d upload all my weird drawings and show them to the world! 😆

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