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Adventures in Penguin Academy CHP. 7

August 1, 2009

Hey penguins! Chapter 7 is out! I think it came out pretty good but ill let u be the judge of that 😉

Here it is:


Chapter 7

A Dilemma Arises

“…And that is the story.” finished Nyloth.

Everyone looked at each other with funny expressions. After a long silence, Mr Welkins said, “Kids, come with me.”

The duo followed slightly confused.

Mr Welkins led them deep into the caves area. They entered a room which happened to be his office. Mr Welkins sat down in a big chair made out of seal’s skin. Nyloth imagined it must have cost a fortune.

Nyloth and Olivia were both hopeful, they thought that he wanted to talk privately about the situation.

“Are you both out of your mind?!” Mr Welkins shouted.

Their hopes were dashed and crashed.

“I myself have served in Chinstrap United for a couple of years and I know that if what you say is true, they would have found out about this since day one. Now do you expect me to believe a young couple of penguins or the mighty Chinstrap United, who claim there is little or no Skua activity this year?”

“But you just have to believe us, sir!” moaned Olivia. “PA’s survival depends on it! And why would we ever make up such a story?”

“To get attention maybe?” Now be gone. “Dismissed!”


Mr Welkins was already busy with other stuff. They had no choice except to leave, knowing that PA was doomed.

The next day classes continued. Nyloth and Olivia didn’t speak a work to each other. They were both in shock. The thought that they wouldn’t be believed hadn’t even come into their minds before they got told off by Mr Welkins.

They headed for classes. They were getting light loads of homework by now. But it was still the first week out of many. Then only class where they were working full time was, you guessed it, Ms Ternithia’s class. Nyloth’s excitement over classes had already worn off. He thought most of them seemed to drag on. Big shock. Though he did have a passion for history class. He listened closely on all the lectures and he approached tasks with enthusiasm.

At the break, Olivia and Nyloth met up with Colyn and Ronger. They told them all about their findings about the conspiracy. Every detail was included. Colyn was aghast. Ronger was shocked but not as much as Colyn. He said this was the sort of thing the Skuas do.

“We tried to tell Mr Welkins but he thought we were lying!” said Olivia.

“Naturally,” replied Ronger. “Mr Welkins is a seeing is believing type of person. Unless you have cold hard fact he won’t believe you.”

It took a moment for Nyloth to realize what Ronger was suggesting.

“Oh no!” said Nyloth quickly. “I am not going back there! The risk is too great. Do you have any idea what happens if we get caught? Dragged into Skua territory and plucked feather by feather!”

“You’re probably right. But I can’t think of anything else to do. Let’s just see if anything comes up or if we think of something.”

Right there and then, the break was over. No matter, it was lunch after break so another hour of relaxing.

After classes ended, Nyloth was heading toward his dorm when he saw another few papers on the billboard. Most of them were announcing about boring after class clubs but one said that they were re-doing the Tobogganing trials. Fine with him. He was wondering what was going to happen with that.

Nyloth showed up at the second trials on Friday. Everything went smoothly. People told Nyloth that most of the people chosen for the teams were 2nd or 3rd years because those were the most experienced. They rarely chose 1st years unless they were extremely talented. That rule doubles when it comes to Featherpool. They’re the top dogs so they only accept the best.

Everybody was smirking when Nyloth came up to try out for Featherpool. A first year hadn’t been on that team for over fifty years. But Nyloth was confident.

Somebody was heard saying, “If that kid makes the team then I am a fish!”

Well, apparently that guy’s a fish because Nyloth made the team! He blew the crowd away with his precision turns and his impeccable speed. Everybody was cheering. Olivia, from the stands, screamed and shouted like crazy.

Nyloth beamed. First in fifty years! That’s something to be proud of. He was enjoying the moment.

The captain of the team congratulated Nyloth. The rest of the team members patted him on the back and smiled.

“Welcome to the team, Shorty,” the captain said quite amazed at Nyloth’s skills.

“Last chance to switch teams!” joked Ronger from Fishbeak.

It was all over soon and everyone headed back to their dorms. Nyloth was beyond satisfied. He met up with Olivia and they talked about how awesome it was that he made the team.

That night, Nyloth and Olivia threw a small party in their dorm to celebrate a good (if finding out a secret that could be the end of the Chinstraps and not being believed is good then yeah) week. Ronger, Chevor, Colyn, Nyloth, Felicia and Olivia were the partiers. Ronger had an Icod in his room with a speaker so he brought that over for music. They danced, talked, gossiped, laughed, ate and basically had a great time.

They partied until late in the night but it didn’t matter because it was the weekend. Nyloth couldn’t have been happier. He had great friends, he was on the team to do his favourite sport and he wasn’t doing too bad in classes.

He had no idea that it was all about to come crashing down.

It all started the following day. Nyloth sat next to Olivia at breakfast.

“You know we have to do something about this,” said Nyloth. “About the conspiracy.”

“I know! I know! I’ve been thinking long and hard about this but nothing comes to mind,” Olivia replied. “I just wished they believed us!”

Nyloth nodded slowly lost in his thoughts. He then suddenly got up and walked towards the exit.

Olivia was, undoubtedly, confused. She went after Nyloth.

Nyloth had seen someone beckoning him in his mind. He then lost control of all his body. It felt like there was some other thoughts in his head. Hushed whispers overrode his own thoughts and commanded his body with an overwhelming presence. Forced to comply, he started heading for the Antarctic Run course.

Somewhere in the back of his mind, something told him he was being followed. He realized it was Olivia, his only hope. He also realized that if the presence found out about Olivia, she would be in trouble. Nyloth did everything in his power to keep the thought away from the presence. He focused on something else, like the fact his body was being controlled by someone other than him!

He succeeded in hiding the thought but Olivia was being too obvious about the following and soon the presence would find out on its own.

Olivia wondered what the heck Nyloth was doing. He seemed to be heading towards the tobogganing courses…

Has he fallen asleep and is sleep walking? No, there must be something wrong. If there is, I should be more careful about following him.

Olivia crept more furtively behind Nyloth and kept a distance. She could have sworn she heard a sigh of relief from Nyloth!

She soon realized Nyloth’s walking was different. It was clumsy and erratic, such as a baby chick’s. And yet it seemed more purposeful. As it had a reason. An important one.

Finally, after ten or so minutes (Penguin Academy is big) they reached the Antarctic Run. Olivia could see no place to hide so she quickly dashed the ten metres or so separating her and the beginning of the course. She skidded down the course until the first obstacle and hid behind there. Amazed that she hadn’t been seen, she listened intently and waited.

Control of his functions was finally returned to him. He was in the middle of making a run for it when he heard a strong, commanding voice say “Stop.”

Nyloth stopped for fear of losing his control again. Slowly he turned around and came face to face with… just as he had sub-consciously feared… a Skua.

“You come with me,” said he. “Ask no questions if you value your mental control.”

Nyloth actually did value his mental control so he followed asking no questions. On the way, the full blast of what had just happened hit him.

Skuas had mind control

Who would have thought? Mind control, as far as Nyloth was concerned, was impossible. Even suggesting it possible was sheer madness. And yet, after coming from a first-hand experience he wished he hadn’t, Nyloth was convinced he had genuinely felt mind control.

But of all people, the Skuas had discovered it! The impact this could have on all of Antarctica. And the conspiracy! They wouldn’t stand a chance against mind control. The Chinstraps were already infiltrated but not in places of great power. But now with mind control, there is no stop to their plans.

As he followed he started worrying about his own sake. After all he was being taken by a Skua to the Shrublands. A place feared by all and loved by none. Were the Skuas ran wild… and hungry.

But then it struck him the weirdness of the situation. It just seemed impossible that in the middle of eating lunch at Ferry’s Fish Fillet he had been mind-controlled into coming here. And somehow a Skua got into Penguin Academy and know was taking him out of here into the Shrublands.

He only hoped it would all become clear in time…

Dumbfounded, Olivia stared blankly as the Skua walked away with Nyloth.

What the heck had just happened? Thought Olivia

A Skua is in Penguin Academy. No, A SKUA IS IN PENGUIN ACADEMY!!! was more like it.

Olivia, on instinct, followed the strange duo of Nyloth and Skua. They were obviously heading out of PI.

Olivia was beginning to think that Nyloth was not doing this in his own free-will.

As she crept surreptitiously behind them, she started to relax. What are the odds that they won’t get seen and stopped as they exit! As her memory serves, Penguin Academy is walled.

Suddenly, Olivia heard a distant zooming noise. It sounded sort of like an engine but one unlike anything she had ever heard of.

Olivia looked up when the sound got closer and closer. She noticed that the Skua and Nyloth had stopped walking. Hiding from behind a pile of snow (she was amazed that the Skua always stopped next to extremely convenient hiding places!)  she watched the scene unfold.

Nyloth gaped at the vehicle which had just landed. He had heard of penguin scientists making breakthroughs on flight and estimates were that penguins would be airborne within the next two centuries but this was just… wow.

In front of Nyloth was a futuristic, streamlined, sleek kind of shuttle that had just come whizzing from the sky piloted by a female penguin  in the cockpit.

“Alright, bring the student hostage in the Delta Shuttle,” said the female penguin.

Student hostage?! So that’s what he was. But, the conspiracy plans didn’t say anything about taking hostages and prisoners.

As he was loaded into the shuttle he noticed in the side of the shuttle a word that was meaningless to him but means a lot to us readers. Written in a strange text it read:



How was that? Tell me what you think!

Keep visiting and waddling!

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  1. Pengbro2 permalink
    August 1, 2009 12:32 PM

    Wow! This is incredible! I can’t wait for Chapter Eight! 😀

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