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Big Chill2 V.S. Venom? Final Book

Chapter 1:

Buff looked down a penguin… Big Chill. He was talking to his friend Bubbles. Buff made a web at the Plaza, then he saw something weird. He gasped Big Heat. Big Heat had red skin, red hair, and a black puffle. Venom slithered off of Buff and onto Big Heat.

Big Heats’ spine tingled as he felt something going up his back. His eyes rolled back, his beak became grey, and Big Heat went to rest. Venom took over and became Big Venom.

Big Chill who went home found his memory book. He looked at it he saw Big Heat. He felt detached for some reason, like part of him died out, eyes rolled back. He felt weird. There was a knock on the door. Big Chill answered it, Big Venom took him and slammed against a tree. Big Venom listened to his master and left Big Chill bleeding against the tree.

Chapter 2:

Big Chill was unconsious. While the doctors took him in, he had a vision: Big Chill was somewhere, he didn’t know where though. He saw four figures, one in a white shirt, one in a red and black shirt: Big Chill and Big Heat. Chill(as a spirit) watched as a tornado came closer.Big Chill screamed at his parents. They put him in an escape pod. Big Heat was furious. He yelled at his parents,”WHY HIM?? HUH?? WATCH THIS NOW!!”. He ran into tornado and Big Chill came back to life.

He saw Bubbles there. “How are ya?”, Bubbles said. Before Big Chill could respond the nurse said for Bubbles to leave, so Big Chill could have some rest.

Bubbles walked out. He saw lots of people. Then he saw a black figure.Venom took him and stabbed him. Bubbles was no more

Chapter 3:

Mateo looked at the camera screens. He saw that Bubbles was dead. ” Venom you know who the next victim is. Once we kill all his friends/allies, WE KILL HIM!!”. Venom grunted silently. He hated being the slave of Mateobeccar. He thought about Carnage, killing Big Chill piece by piece. Big Chill gained Carnages trust, but Venom didn’t. Venom made a web at a tree and took Pengbro into the trees, silently killing him, but the thing was, Venom didnt want to. If he didn’t he will be killed.But to Big Chill who was right there with Carnage, saw the whole thing and thought Venom wanted to do it.

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