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Bubbles62681’s stories

Hi people!  This is my page filled with my stories.  Right now I am working on a story called “The Random Plot of Weeblee”  The story and all of its chapters will be turned in a movie this September.  Here you go:

The Random Plot of Weeblee Chapter 1

            Why?  That is the question we always ask.  Why?  We live in a random world where things happen for a reason.   So why does an evil cow target a pig for its dinner?  It all starts with a story I like to call The Random Plot of Weeblee. 

            There once was a pig named Weeblee.  He lived on a farm called Random Valley Barn.  Everything was fine on this one particular day.  It was sunny with the sky as blue as a light blue crayon.  Weeblee felt no worries as he started dancing with his pals.

            “RANDOM DANCING!” proclaimed Weeblee.

            All the other animals joined in for a big party.  This was a blast saying that the farmer was away gambling in Las Vegas.  But just then…  A cow at a local tower was looking down from a telescope.  This cow was the weirdest cow of them all.  She was purple with black lipstick.  She, with the other Goths, was the most evil animal in the barn.  Her name was Angel which is ironic if you think about it.  She licked her lips as she saw the yummiest pig she ever seen.

            “I am so hungry.  That pig will be the best pork and bacon I ever ate.” groaned Angel.

            The other Goths, Goodie and Benefactor, were also liking the pig.  Their names were also ironic in which they have good names, but they, deep inside, are bad. 

            “Come on Angel!  Let’s get that pig.” replied Goodie.

            “Wait a minute sis.  We need the perfect time to snatch him.” warned Angel

            “And that would be….” questioned Benefactor.

            “NOW!” yelled Angel.  She said now because just then the ice cream truck drove by.  Its catchy ringing bell made all the barn animals run over. 

            “Ice Cream, get your ice cream!” sang Pengbro the ice cream man.

            All the animals then screamed their favorite flavors.




            Pengbro was rushing back and forth getting all the ice cream.

            Meanwhile, Angel, Goodie, and Benefactor were jumping out of the tower to the barn.  They saw their target and they were going to use their trapping gun.

            “With this gun, I can trap the pig in an ungraspable net!” screamed Angel.

            Weeblee was sitting down enjoying his chocolate ice cream cone when just then…


            Angel and her sisters got the target and went out to the tower.  But it wasn’t Weeblee at all!!  It was the goat named George in a pig costume.  George was Weeblee’s best friend, so when Weeblee saw that George was missing, he had rage!

            “Come on everybody this is personal!!!” he said.

            Even Pengbro with his ice cream wanted some action.  Pengbro said…

 “Let’s do this!



The Random Plot of Weeblee Chapter 2:

                The cow sisters jumped in their tower, excited of the catch of the day.  George was scared and wondered why he even wore his pig costume in the first place.

                “Finally, we got him!” screamed the excited Angel.

                “Now what do we do with this pig?” questioned the always curious Benefactor.

                “I am not a pig!!!” yelled George.

                “What do you mean?” asked Angel.  She was surprised with this statement.

                “You got the wrong animal.  I am George the goat in a pig costume.”  He said this as he ripped his costume off.

                “WHAT????”  Yelled Angel.  “Throw him off this tower at once!!”

                Goodie and Benefactor were just going to as a mystery voice said “Stop!”

                Out of the shadows came Kelli, another purple cow who smelled like sour milk.  She was a friend to the cow sisters and was usually smarter at the capturing scheme.

                “That goat is friends with the pig you are looking for.  If you keep him hostage, the pig will come to you.” she said.

                Goodie, Benefactor, and Angel agreed as they put George in the Capturing Jail of Doom!!!!  (Scary music plays)

                “I see where you coming from Kelli.  We will wait till Weeblee comes and then we will snatch him.  All the cows then laughed their evil laughs like this:


                Meanwhile as they were laughing and George was crying, Weeblee and his pals were on a journey to save George.  Pengbro the ice cream man had a good sense in smell so he could figure our where the cows were.  He knew that they were in their special tower of evil.

                “Follow Pengbro.” replied Weeblee.  “He looks like he knows what he is doing.”

                “But we don’t know him.  He looks creepy.” Whined Cooper the chicken.

                “I gave you ice cream didn’t I?” asked Pengbro.

                “Yes? “Replied Cooper.

                “Then shut your trap and follow me” gobbled Pengbro.  The whole group then went quiet and followed the ice cream man.

                Weeblee was determined to get George even if it killed him.  Little did he know, the way to George would be a trap.

Continued to Chapter 3….


The Random Plot of Weeblee Chapter 3:

            Even though Weeblee and Pengbro the ice cream man were confident they would save George, they were also exhausted from walking everywhere. 

            “Can we just go back to the barn bro?” asked Weeblee’s brother Porky.

            “No we are going to find George!” proclaimed Weeblee.

            “But we don’t even know where we are going.” replied Porky.  “How do we get there anyway?”

            Just then a puff of smoke came in the distance.  Cooper sneezed because he was allergic to smoke.  A magical human with purple overalls and a blue hat came out of it.  He was flying and smelled like air freshener in the breeze.  He was a genie.

            “Hello young animals and ice cream man.” chanted the Genie. “My name is Yfrog and I am here to help you.”

            “You are going to give us free toast?” asked Melinda the hungry cow.

            “You are going to give us refreshments?” questioned the tired and sweaty Pengbro.

            “I might, if you choose it as your three wishes.” replied yfrog.  “Remember, choose wisely.”

            Weeblee thought about the first wish when just then Melinda wished for toast.

            “As you wish.”  Yfrog said as a million fried bread came piling on Melinda.

            “This is Heaven.” Melinda mooed.

            So Weeblee said ok to the first wish but just then, when he was about to say his wish, Pengbro sang “I wish for some water please.”

            Weeblee was angry as a million of water bottles came through the sky.  He was still ok with it because he knew he would then say his wish.  He was about to say to free George, when just then, Cooper the Chicken replied “I wish that Weeblee would go to George the goat and stop annoying us!”

            “WHAT?” EVERYBODY SCREAMED AS WEEBLEE VANISHED.  All the other animals then started beating the skinny chicken up as yfrog said his last good byes and left.

            Meanwhile, Weeblee will be somebody’s dinner.

Continued to Chapter 4…


The Random Plot of Weeblee Chapter 4

            Weeblee was sent into a magical vortex until he was finally placed in George’s prison cell.

            George asked “Weeblee, is that you?”

            “Who do you think it is, Joey the invisible unicorn?” replied Weeblee.

            That reply did it as Kelli, Angel, and the rest of the evil cows came over looking at the pig.  “What did I tell you Angel?”  The pig came after all.” Kelli said.

            “I guess you were right.” replied Angel.  Let’s start the boiling oven.”

            While the cows were preparing their dinner, Weeblee and George were thinking of a way to escape.  While they were thinking, they noticed that a man with a long black beard and gross banana flavored clothing.  They knew that this person was indeed a hobo.

            “What are you doing here?” questioned George.

            “Hi tree frog biscuits.  My name is Big Chill and I am a hobo.” replied the hobo.

            “We know you are a hobo!” yelled Weeblee.  “Why are you here?”

            “I am their appetizer before they eat you tree frog biscuit.” The confused hobo gobbled.

            “Enough of that chitter chatter!” screamed Goodie.

            “Sorry.” They all responded.

            “OK.  It is finished.  Hobo lets go!” yelled the satisfied Angel.

            Angel and Benefactor grabbed Big Chill and put him in the big pot.  They stirred until it was just right.

            Before Big Chill became their soup, he said his last words to Weeblee:

            “The Wall is Key!”

            Weeblee and George didn’t understand.  Weeblee was going to ask a question, but it was too late.  The cows were already sipping the guts out of Big Chill the Hobo.  He was now no more.  George still thought about Big Chill’s last words:

            “The Wall is Key!”

            Weeblee pushed the wall next to him and a secret panel opened.  It led to a secret passage.  Weeblee and George quietly crawled though the passage.

            Meanwhile, the cows had finished their hobo soup.  It was strangely delicious.

            “OK pig it is your turn.” Exclaimed Angel.   When she saw that they were missing, she got her GPS tracking pig devise to follow.  Good thing Weeblee closed the panel or the cows would be following them right away. 

            George and Weeblee kept on crawling, unaware where the secret underground passage would lead them. 

            Meanwhile, the cows were using their GPS.  It however couldn’t get a location!

            Who knows where our duo will go?  We will find out next chapter.

Continued to Chapter 5…



The Random Plot of Weeblee Chapter 5

            As Weeblee and George were crawling, Pengbro and the rest of the animals were still beating up Cooper the chicken.  Finally they decided enough was enough.

            “You people are animals!” screamed Cooper as he started running away.  Then he realized that they were in a desert.  There was no exit.

            “Calm down everybody, exclaimed Pengbro.  We are going to find Weeblee any second now.”  Everybody was still doubtful as the ice cream man led the way.

            Meanwhile, Weeblee and George finally escaped the secret passage.  They found themselves at a huge volcano in the middle of nowhere.

            “Who puts a passage to a volcano in the wall?” questioned George.

            “Don’t worry about that now.  At least we are away from any danger.” replied Weeblee.  As he said this a little red glob came over towards them.  She was very strange and had one eyeball.

            “Greetings earthlings!  My name is Cca and I am a….”

            “A strange red glob?” answered George

            “No.  I am a…”

            “Annoying talking booger?” answered George again.

            “NO!  I am a lava alien.”

            Weeblee and George started cracking up from the previous statement.

            “So you are laughing?  Well take this!” proclaimed Cca.  She used the lava from the volcano and attacked Weeblee and George with it.  She was indeed now looking for a battle.

            “Well bring it on!” chanted Weeblee as a battle was struck.  The following combat battle can only be described as what a battle with a pig and a lava alien would be described as.  It was indeed awkward and weird.  However, Cca won and used her lava telekinesis to make a lava rope.  She captured Weeblee and George and that was that.

            “So, we are away from any danger huh?” questioned the right George.

            So as the duo faced their doom, Pengbro and his gang finally found something other than sand.  They found a giant rock tunnel that squirted lava out.  It was the same volcano Weeblee and George were at.

            “Come on guys!  Let’s go to the volcano.” Pengbro the happy and sweaty ice cream man said.

            “Is there anyone who can save us?” asked George.

            “Yes there is!” said a familiar mysterious voice.  It was Pengbro.

            “Pengbro!” exclaimed the excited Weeblee.

            “Release them at once.” Pengbro shouted.

            “Only if you guys defeat me at Chocolate Island.” answered Cca.

            “Fine, let’s go!” commented Pengbro.  As he said that, a magical vortex sucked everybody at the volcano.  They were now at Chocolate Island.  It was a big obstacle course and Yfrog the Genie was the referee.  This battle would be the battle of everybody’s lives.

            Pengbro exclaimed “Let’s do this!”

            Will Pengbro win?  Will he save Weeblee and George?  Will the animals go home?  Will I eat all the chocolate?  Why I am answering so many questions?  Everything will be revealed next time.

Continued to Chapter 6…



The Random Plot of Weeblee Chapter 6

            After much of anticipation, the Chocolate Island Competition was about to start.

            “We will compete in three matches with three people on each team.” explained Cca.  “The winner gets the pig and the goat while the loser goes over the volcano of death.” (scary music plays)

          “OK, replied Pengbro, who are your three?”

          Cca then multiplied as two other lava aliens that looked just like her came over.  “This is Bca and Dca.” She replied.  “Who is on your team?

         Before Pengbro chose, Weeblee reminded him to choose carefully and wisely.  Pengbro really wanted to save George and Weeblee so he had to do what he had to do.  Looking at all of his animal buddies, he chose Weeblee’s brother Porky to compete.

     “Yay me!” Porky chanted like he was London Tipton.  “I won’t let you down ice cream man.” 

      Pengbro’s next choice would determine it all.  He was about to choose Melinda when just then a little puppy came through a vortex.  Surprisingly enough, it was Pengbro’s pet dog Aloraz.  “I choose Aloraz.” Proclaimed Pengbro,

     Cooper, Melinda, and everybody else were disappointed as the three of them challenged the lava aliens.

    “Perfect!  Let’s start with our first challenge, the chocolate eating contest.” Replied Cca.

      The referee, Yfrog the Genie, called everybody down to the chocolate stadium.  Here, Porky and Bca would have to eat all the chocolate pies to see who would win.

     “Chocolate eating people ready, GO!” screamed Yfrog.

      The following eating contest can only be described as the messiest pie eating contest ever.  Porky kept on devouring every single pie.  Bca also was into eating.  Finally in the end, Porky was the most hungry as he won the first round.  Everybody on Porky’s side yelled and congratulated Porky as he burped the loudest burp ever.

      The second round was the chocolate slide relay.  The two people must slide to the finish line.  It would be Aloraz vs. Dca.

    “Chocolate sliding people ready, GO!” screamed Yfrog.

      The following chocolate sliding contest can only be described as the slowest and longest contest ever.  It took more than an hour.  In the end, Aloraz was too distracted with the yummy chocolate to see that Dca had won the second round.  Everybody on Dca’s side yelled and congratulated Dca as she threw up on Bca.

       So the last round would be the round to determine who would save Weeblee and George.  The last round was an ice cream scooping contest.

       Pengbro felt determined to win because ice cream scooping was his job.  However, he did not know that the 10 handed Cca has been scooping lava ice cream for 1,000 years.  In the end, Cca won as Pengbro felt defeat.

       “NO!” all the animals screamed as Cca did her victory dance.  Aloraz whimpered as she hid behind Pengbro.

      “Now time for my prize…..” Cca started as she looked over.  Sadly, Weeblee and George were not there.  The rope was just sitting there.  “Where did they go?” questioned Cca.

      Back at the evil cow’s tower, Angel’s magic GPS worked as the pig and goat duo got transported back here.

     “Not again!” whined George.

      Will Weeblee and George finally become the cow’s dinner?  Find out next time.

 Continued to Chapter 7…



The Random Plot of Weeblee Chapter 7

George and Weeblee just sat there in the tower, knowing that a secret passage couldn’t help them this time.  The cows were making the soup again while George whimpered like a baby.

“It’s going to be ok George.” reassured Weeblee.

“If you say so.” replied George.

The soup was finally done.  It had all of its needs like carrots and noodles.

“Who should be first?” questioned Benefactor.

“I think the goat should be first.” replied Goodie

“NO!  I WANT THE PIG!” exclaimed Angel

“Why don’t we put both of them in.” the smart Kelli said.

So they settled on that.  The cows grabbed the fat pig and the scared goat and plopped them into the pot.  It would only seconds before they faced there doom.  Jut then, the doorbell rang.  Goodie opened the door and there was a girl with a box of bowling balls at the door.

“Good afternoon cows.  My name is Emily and I am here to give you bowling balls.” The weird saleswoman said.

“Who ordered bowling balls?” asked Benefactor.

“I did, replied Goodie.  I have bowling practice at 7 tonight.”  Goodie signed the papers and got her bowling balls.  She put it in a corner.  Emily was about to leave until Kelli said stop.  She said that they could have an audience.  So Emily sat on a chair and watched the biggest downfall of Weeblee an George’s life. Weeblee and George were going t face their doom.

“Finally!” proclaimed Angel.  “I will finally eat my pig!”

Angel got her spoon and was about to take her first bite when just then a ghost appeared and screeched BOO!  All the cows screamed in horror as the once alive hobo floated before them.

“Big Chill!” exclaimed Weeblee.

“Wow this is a show.” Emily said as she ate random popcorn that was never supplied for her,

“I am come to stop this eating madness and to make sure that my tree frog biscuits don’t end up like me.” Proclaimed Big Chill the dirty hobo.

“Oh no you don’t! “shouted Angel.

The next big battle can be only described as the most bitter and intense battles ever.  Big Chill, now a spirit, had super powers as he defeated all the cows, even Kelli, as he pushed them out of the tower one by one.  In the end, Big Chill used his might streangth to lift Weeblee and George out of the pot.

“WOW!  That was amazing!” screamed Emily as she clapped like it was a random movie.

Meanwhile on the ground, the cows were hurt as their floating tower floated away.  “Now we are never going to catch them.” Announced the disappointed Angel.

“I wouldn’t think so.  I put a bomb in that tower!”  laughed Kelli as they all did their evil laughs:


Back in the tower, the group of four had a random party celebrating their victory.  Just then a ticking noise was getting louder and louder.

“What is that?” asked George.

Weeblee grabbed something that looked like an alarm clock.  “It’s a bomb!” he exclaimed.

Big Chill lifted Weeblee, George, and Emily as they flew away from the evil trap.  Just then, the bomb made it to 0 as the whole tower exploded.  The only thing that survived was Goodie’s bowling balls as they landed in her lap.  “Yay my bowling balls!” she said.

The group of four went through the clouds as they escaped the evil cows’ wrath.  But just following them, would be a new enemy never seen before.

Continued to Chapter 8…



The Random Plot of Weeblee Chapter 8

            It was getting really dark as the group of four flew.  Big Chill the ghostly hobo even felt tired.  Following them was a mysterious creature never seen before.

            Big Chill went to the ground to place the sleeping Weeblee, George, and Emily.  That was his biggest downfall as the mysterious creature came right behind him.

            “Who are you?” asked Big Chill.

            “My name is Mateobeccar the vampire.  Right now I have turned myself into a bat so I can suck your blood.”

            “I don’t have any blood!” replied Big Chill

            “I wasn’t talking about you.”  Mateobeccar said that as leaned over to Weeblee.

            “NO!  You can not harm my tree frog biscuits.  It is time for a battle!” the protected hobo chanted.

            “Fine, let’s do this!” the vampire replied.

            The following battle between the vampire and the ghost can only be described as the mostly deadly battles ever.  The two dead creatures fought to it as they used their special powers to get an advantage.  In the end, the ghost was no match for Mateobeccar the vampire as he pushed Big Chill to the ground.

            “Mwhahahahahaha!  I can finally have my dinner!”

            “What is it with people eating me these days?” replied Weeblee as he got up and was ready for battle.  He had his sidekicks George and Emily by his side.

            “You think a pig, goat, and bowling bowl saleswoman can stop me?” mocked Mateobeccar.

            “Maybe, if we have the stone of enchantment.” laughed George.

            “THE STONE OF ENCHANTMENT!” shouted Mateobeccar as the scary music plays.

            “Yes, the stone of enchantment.” replied Emily.

            “How did you get it?” questioned Mat.

            “It was with my bowling balls that I wanted to sell.” answered Emily.

            The group of three along with Big Chill used the stone of enchantment as a big crystal beam appeared.  It attacked the vampire as he went falling to another century.  The stone of enchantment then turned to dust.

            “We did it tree frog biscuits!” yelled the happy hobo.

            As usual the group then had a party and a victory dance until they said good night.  In the morning, they would try to go back to Chocolate Island to rescue Pengbro and the rest of the animals.

            Meanwhile, Mateobeccar went flying to exactly where the evil cows were.

            “Hello ladies.” He said

            The cows thought of him as a hunky vampire as they all flirted with him.  He used this as an advantage as they would all team up to destroy the heroes together.  But first, they would have to wait for Goodie to return from bowling ball practice.

 Continued to Chapter 9…



The Random Plot of Weeblee Chapter 9

            The next morning, Big Chill woke up having a peaceful sleep.  The other three were still sleeping from that big fight last night.  Big Chill carried Weeblee, George, and Emily as they went to save Pengbro and the rest of the animals at Chocolate Island.

            Back at Chocolate Island, Cca was about to knock Weeblee’s buddies down the volcano.  This volcano was the only thing not chocolate.

         “If the goat and pig don’t show up, down you go.” announced Cca the lava alien.

       “Come on Weeblee!” hoped Pengbro has he hugged Aloraz for dear life.

        The group of four flew for an hour as the sun beated down on their heads. They finally reached Chocolate Island.

          “Release my friends at once!” commanded Weeblee.

           “We will see about that!” replied Cca.

            The following battle can only be described as one of the terrifying battles ever.  It turned out that Cca and her minions had gotten stronger from Chapter 6.  Weeblee, George, Emily, and even Big Chill were no match for the lava aliens.  Cca grabbed Weeblee and George as they would be the first animals to die in the volcano.

            “Any last words?” asked Cca.

             “No I guess not.” replied Weeblee

             Cca was happy as she released the duo as they went down in the volcano.  Big Chill saw his tree frog biscuits fall as he cried with everybody else.  This looked like the end of our heroes.

            But just then, a red fuzz ball came up out of the volcano.  He was carrying Weeblee and George.

           Cca was shocked as she fainted on the floor.  All of the buddies cheered as the red fuzz ball placed the duo down.

         “Hello everybody, I am Perry the red puffle at your service.  It is my duty to save people when Cca throws people down the volcano.”

        “Thank you so much!” Pengbro exclaimed.

       “It was nothing.” replied Perry.  Pengbro gave him a Puffle O as they started a huge party.  Everything looked great and peaceful.  Big Chill threw Cca, Bca, and Dca as they landed where the cows and Mateobeccar were standing.

       “Let me guess.  Weeblee and his pals?” asked Angel.

        “Yep!  I hate them!!” answered Cca.

        All the villains got a smile on their face as they planned to join forces. They were planning the battle of their lives.

        Who will win the biggest battle ever?  Find out in the last chapter of The Random Plot of Weeblee.

Continued to Chapter 10..



The Random Plot of Weeblee Chapter 10: The Epic Battle

            The heroes back at Chocolate Island were still celebrating their victory upon Cca and her minions.  Everything was peaceful as they all ate the rest of the chocolate.  Aloraz loved it a lot.

            Meanwhile, the evil villains had discovered their clever plan to finally defeat Weeblee and his pals.  Mateobeccar, Kelli, and Cca were the main creators of the plan.

            “Finally after hard work, we will finally eat our pig!” yelled Angel.

            “Here is the big plan.” replied Kelli.  “We will each fight an opponent that is worthy of us.  Angel will fight Weeblee, I will fight George, Mateobeccar the vampire will fight that annoying hobo Big Chill, Cca will fight Pengbro and his dog Aloraz, Benefactor will fight Weeblee’s brother Porky, Goodie will fight that bowling ball saleswoman Emily, Bca will fight Melinda the backstabbing cow, and Dca will fight that gutless Cooper the chicken.  Everybody got it?”

            All of the villains understood the plan as they would wait till the following day.  It was getting late and they had to reserve all their energy.

            The following day all the villains woke up with a revenge seeking vengeance.  They were ready to beat some good guy’s butts.  The good guys were tired after that big party last night.

            The villains hit everybody with a coconut as they woke up.  It was finally the battle that everybody even you were waiting for.  The real battle of everyone’s lives was coming.

            The showdowns started coming.  The first battle was between Cooper and Dca.  It was started from worst match up to best.  The lava alien shot its 10 arms as it was ready to hurt some roasted chicken.  Cooper stopped being gutless as he used his kung fu moves from Japan to destroy Dca forever.  Everyone was shocked as the heroes were already winning.

            The next battle was between Melinda the toast loving cow and Dca’s clone Bca.  Bca did exactly what Dca did except it had 11 arms.  Melinda got her toast and gave it to Bca.  It was allergic to toast as it became a puddle.

            The third was between Emily and Goodie.  Goodie and Emily decided a battle wasn’t necessary.  It would be a bowling tournament.  Goodie and Emily both had strikes for the whole game until a big round.  Goodie got a spare.  It was up to Emily to see who would win.  Emily went back a few steps and got a strike.  The whole heroes clapped as Goodie signed up for more bowling practice.

            The next battle was between Benefactor and Porky.  It was a question contest.  Benefactor asked what time is it while Porky asked where we are.  The first person to answer lost.  Porky asked who are you and Benefactor replied Benefactor.  Porky won and celebrated while eating chocolate cake.

            The next one was a big one.  Cca and Pengbro would have a rematch at the ice cream scooping contest from Chapter 6.  Cca still won but Aloraz started ripping her to threads.  Cca then gave up so Pengbro actually won.

            The last three were fought at the same.  Big Chill and Mateobeccar used their special powers as they fought in the sky.  Kelli and George had a big battle and so did Weeblee and Angel. It was a terrible sight to the three non fighting heroes on the mountain looking down.

            “What are they doing down there?” asked the helpful Perry the red puffle.

            “It looks like they are fighting for their lives. I am scared.” replied Natacha the little girl.

            “It is a sad day when people, animals, or things fight to the death.  I don’t like it one bit!” announced Yfrog the wise genie.

            “We have to do something before it’s too late!” yelled Natacha.

            The group of three made everyone fight again.  All the lava aliens came up and the cows came back as Chocolate Island became a huge fiasco.  Everybody (except the three wise heroes on top) were hurting each other for no reason.  This looked like the end of everyone.  Yfrog and Perry just sat there as they gave up.  Natacha however overcame her fear as she screamed at the top of her lungs “EVERYBODY QUIET!!!!”

            All the fighting ceased as everybody was surprised at the little girl.  Natacha then spoke.

            “Why are you all fighting?  This shouldn’t be!  Everybody in this beautiful Earth is supposed t be peaceful and kind to each other.  Let’s all follow this path as we all come in for a group hug and trust one another.  What do you say?”

            Everybody looked at one and other.  What would they do?  They decided to ignore the girl as they started beating the poop out of each other.  Natacha had enough as she got some rope and jumped.  She grabbed everybody including Yfrog and Perry as they were all tied up in a Chocolate Tree.

            “Are we going to be peaceful?” Natacha asked again.

            Everybody then chanted “We will always be peaceful and never harm a living thing again.”

            “Good!” replied the little girl as she came up to them and had a big hug.

            Just then, Weeblee’s farmer senses were tickling.  The farmer would be back from gambling is Las Vegas any minute.  Yfrog knew what to do as he zapped everybody to their rightful place.  Weeblee and his animals to the farm, Pengbro and Aloraz to the ice cream truck, Big Chill back to the spirit world, all the evil villains to jail, Emily to the bowling alley, Natacha to her house, and Perry to Club Penguin’s Pet Shop.

            Weeblee and his animal buddies were just sitting there as Bubbles the farmer came waddling in.  “Hey guys!  I am rich!!” he replied as he went into his house to count his money.  All the animals then danced like they always do as Pengbro had an ice cream celebration.   Everything was right in the world as Weeblee and George smiled and licked their chocolate ice cream cones.



The story is finished!  😀

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      chapter 7? Chapter 6 hasnt even come out yet!

      • July 25, 2009 9:42 AM

        If you’re on, meet me on the Author Chat!

  3. August 6, 2009 3:06 PM

    I LOVE IT!!!!!

  4. August 8, 2009 2:46 AM

    WOW chapter 7 is one of the best!!! I love Emily’s character :lol:!!!

    Do you think i can have a character without winnning a tickler? it’s just when i see the post someone has already answered it (time change)

    • August 8, 2009 12:23 PM

      Same with me, only reason I got it was because I was up untill 2:00 am driving back from a summer camp trip and I brought my laptop and I have the vodafone thing.

    • Bubbles permalink
      August 9, 2009 1:01 PM

      Sure. I am running out of spots. So next tickler, I will give out a different prize. Maybe a code! 😀

      • August 9, 2009 1:08 PM

        Can i do the tickler?

      • August 10, 2009 3:20 PM

        Ooh! I will soo be in it then!

    • August 13, 2009 2:45 PM

      😮 again mateo defeated me

      • August 13, 2009 2:46 PM


  5. August 8, 2009 3:30 PM

    I saved emily,weeblee,and george. GO ME! its my b~day!

  6. Bubbles permalink
    August 14, 2009 11:19 PM

    Chapter 9 on Thursday…

  7. August 19, 2009 7:34 AM

    only 2 more chapters left of the book… how will it end???

    • August 19, 2009 7:36 AM

      i have a suggestion, i turn everybody into vampires and they will all become my little minions while I am the super awesome evil emperor of the Earth!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MUAHAHAHHAA

    • Bubbles permalink
      August 19, 2009 4:29 PM

      You will just have to wait and see. I can tell you that the last chapter (Chapter 10) will be quite dramatic and worth reading. :mrgreen:

  8. August 19, 2009 8:41 AM

    But im a ghost. Kills everyone to make more ghosts. “Attack!!!!!”

  9. bubbles11 permalink
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    Only one chapter left! CHAPTER 10!!! mwhahahahahahha!!!!! :mrgreen:

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    Can i be stronger like Cca did?

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    • Big_Chill2 permalink
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      Ur on ur other account remember?

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        No, Kelli added me back to Penglibrary and now i am deleted again 😦

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    Good-bye awesome page I made. I guess I will never make a new story again 😦

    • September 12, 2009 8:57 PM

      Like I’ve said several times in the recent past, “And people say I’M dramatic.”

      • Bubbles permalink
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        What? Do you have any privelege to delete me from this site? Mat added me so it’s his decision. Add me back someone. 😦

        • September 13, 2009 8:25 PM

          Actually, yes, I do have the privelege to delete you from this site. I was the one who added you. Also, since Mateo abandoned us, I’m the main admin.

          • Bubbles permalink
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            Well I have the privelege to delete you from Greeno and Cca’s site 🙂

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              I thought you said you were going to stop picking on me. I deleted you because you’ve been a jerk for such a long time.

              I never trusted you though.

              • Bubbles permalink
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                See ya never want to be ya! 😀

                • Bubbles permalink
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                  This site is a goner anyway. I saw Pengbro today and we played Card Jitsu Fire and had a big winter adventure 😀

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