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Untitled Story #1

The silence, that I lived in, was impossible. YOu couldn”t cry out or scream to break it, you just had do endure. It crept up on me when I was just five yeares old. 12 years later, I haven”t escaped, It is a cruel silence, it allowed me to see the world around me, but not to feel it, not to experience it. It lay broken on this uncomfortable hospital bed, being fed by tube and seeing my parents only every other day.
My sister came by everyday after school and read to me and told me about her day, She believedd that I would come out of this coma some day and be able to live freely again. She was right. Although I didn’t know it yet, scientists in Canada some 3,000 miles away were working on a cure to my disease, I couldn’t remember the name, I was still under anasteasia when the doctors told my parents.
During the 12 years I couldn’t function, I spent most of my time dreaming, dreaming about what my life should be like, how the 12 years I lost should’ve been, this story is about those dreams, how they brought me hope in the darkest of times, how they brought me closer to the real world than I’d ever be. This is my story.
The First Dream
This, is the first dream I ever had in the intense silence of my life, this dream, was the one I would remember for all eternity, it was amazing, it was amazingly great, nor amazingly bad. It was just, amazing.
Opening my eyes, I registered that I was awake, propped myself against the pillow and slid my feet into a pair of time-worn slippers. Walking into my hockey-themed bathroom I turned on the faucet, which was shaped like an ice hockey stick. The water gushed out and I splashed some on my face. I hurriedly applied mascara, then picked up the rest of my makeup and put it on, not caring to look into the mirror again. Donning the rest of my hockey gear, I picked up my hockey gear bag, yelling to my mom, “GOING TO HOCKEY. BE BACK AT 1:45!!!” I waited for her response but didn’t hear one. This time I tried something to annoy her. “I’m going out with the guys!” She came running in saying, “Oh no you’re not! You are NOT I repeat NOT going out with those boys! They may be polite but who knows what they are like.” I giggled and said, “I’m kidding.” “Good,” she said sternly. “Or am I?” I joked. “Out! Get out! She said, pushing me out the door. “Love you mom,” I said, holding back a case of giggles as I walked out the door. I walked in the freezing cold out towards the car. I pulled the car keys out of my pocket and unlocked the door. I shoved the hockey bag into the passenger seat and sat in the Porsche. It had the amazing new car feeling to it, the smell, the un-tainted leather seats and the shining dashboard with a built in GPS. I slammed the gas and revved down the street. The car slid neatly around a corner as I checked my mirrors. This was a pretty good deal on a car, I bought it off a friend who won it in the lottery. He couldn’t drive yet so he sold it to more for 5 thousand dollars His parents hated me now, but I told them that when they were

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