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Mateobeccar´s stories

This is were all the books that I write go. Here they are:

Adventures In Penguin Academy

The Conspiracy

Chapter 1

The Wait

The egg started moving. The mother stared at it hopefully. Bit by bit pieces started falling off. Finally, a small head of a small Chinstrap Penguin poked out. The wait was over. This mother’s egg hatched on the twenty-fourth day it was laid. The mother, whose name was Belinda and was a rather pretty penguin, looked at it ecstatically.

Her neighbour waddled over to look. Her egg hadn’t hatched yet. The baby chick was now fully out of the egg. He/she (not known yet) looked at Belinda curiously with big blue eyes.

“It’s gorgeous,” said the neighbour. “What are you going to name it?”

“Nyloth,” said Belinda thinking of its future.

1 month and a half later…

Nyloth was very excited. In a week he was going to start Penguin Academy. Penguin Academy was a sort of school for penguins to learn all they needed to survive in the harsh Antarctic regions. Among the subjects they learn are swimming, hunting, predator evasion, nurturing and so on. Chicks have to be around two months to start Penguin Academy. It is a big event when a chick enters into Penguin Academy so they are usually excited like Nyloth.

Olivia, who was the chick of the neighbour of Belinda, came waddling next to Nyloth. She also only had one week until Penguin Academy. They were both best of friends and always were together.

“What is the first thing you are going to do when you get to Penguin Academy?” asked Nyloth conversationally. “I am going to sign up for the sports teams.”

Nyloth loved sports. The most popular penguin sport was tobogganing races. It consists in two or more penguins gather up at the top of a hill or mountain. Then there is a starting squawk. The players have to race and avoid obstacles and the first one to the bottom of the mountain or hill is the winner. This all has to be done by tobogganing which is sliding on their bellies. Some obstacles are placed there by the hosts of the race and others are just natural. In Penguin Academy they have three courses. The first course is the easiest and is called Barren run because it has little obstacles and it’s not so steep. The second one is medium in difficulty and is called Wizard run for it takes a moderately skilled penguin to tackle it. The third one and the most difficult is called Antarctic run because it’s as harsh as the Antarctic weather and very steep with lots of obstacles. There are four penguin sport teams: Fishbeak, Seaside, Featherpool and Skua Slayers. The most popular is Featherpool.

“Well, I am going to get to know the academy better before I sign up for anything,” replied Olivia. “But when I do know the place better I am going to take nurturing class. Over sixty-five percent of girls have taken a nurturing class at one stage of their life or the other.”

“Ok, whatever,” said Nyloth dismissively. “Are you up for a toboggan race now?”

“Sure,” said Olivia casually.

They both headed for the local chick course called Roundabout run because of its curves. They waddled slowly to the top of the mountain, and talked along the way. Once they got to the top and they started the race.

Nyloth was better than Olivia at this so he took the lead. He avoided two rocks and then nearly hit a third but dodged it. The dodge caused him to go off course. He was headed straight into an ice wall. Nyloth braced for impact. He hit it. Nyloth got up but was a bit dizzy.

He was about to keep going but he heard some voices. Nyloth recognized them as the voice of the colony leader, Joseph, and the other he thought to be one of the army generals.

“What news do you bring?” asked Joseph.

“Bad news,” replied the general gravely. “When we were taking the males to the feeding grounds we encountered Skuas at the entrance of the richest part of the feeding grounds. They blocked the entrance. There were too many of them to fight.”

“But surely you still got some food?” said Joseph, sounding worried.

“Yes,” replied the general. “But we had to go to a less rich area. But there was little or no difference between them.”

“Alright,” said Joseph sounding more reassured. “Keep me posted.”

“Yes, Sir,” replied the general.

Both of them walked away. Suddenly, someone called out Nyloth’s name. It was Olivia.

“Nyloth!” cried Olivia. “Nyloth!”

“Here!” said Nyloth. “Sorry!”

Olivia found Nyloth and they walked back to the colony. Nyloth told Olivia what he had overheard. When they finally reached the colony they each went to their own igloos. It was already night so they went to sleep.

Two uneventful days passed filled with boredom for young Nyloth and Olivia and probably every other chick in the colony. Olivia decided to visit Nyloth. She found Nyloth trying to go to sleep even though it was the middle of the day.

“Ummmm, what are you doing?” asked Olivia.

“I am trying to go to sleep,” replied Nyloth grumpily.

“Why?” said Olivia. “It’s the middle of the day.”

Nyloth sat up.

“You know about the Sea Elephants?” said Nyloth. “They mostly sleep through all of the summer. My idea is to stay asleep for the remainder of the week until the Penguin Academy entrance ceremony so that time will go faster for me.”

Olivia joined in. They were both unsuccessful though Nyloth managed to finally fall asleep but was disturbed by his mother who told them that supper was ready. They decided to give up and they went to eat supper.

Three days more passed in this fashion. There was only one day left until the entrance ceremony.

The female penguins came back from hunting but there was something wrong. They had worried expressions on their faces. Joseph, who had just come out of his palace igloo for a walk, saw this. He called a meeting with all the generals. Nyloth and Olivia wondered what was going on in the parliament cave.

They finally came out two hours later looking worried. This was not a good sign.

This is what everyone was talking throughout the rest of the day. Even Nyloth and Olivia wondered what this could mean.

Chapter 2

The Entrance Ceremony

The day then quickly ended. Nyloth went to bed but didn’t catch a wink of sleep for he was too excited. Then finally, the morning squawk was issued and everyone got up.

Belinda knew that she would not see her little chicks for a few months. She told him to study hard and not to forget to come home for the holidays.

“I won’t, Mum,” said Nyloth. “Good-bye.”

Nyloth waved good-bye and he was off. Full of excitement, he headed to the place where he would spend the next three years of his life. He met up with Olivia halfway to the sled station. They talked excitedly about how awesome it was going to be.

When they got to the sled station, they showed their special tickets to the ticket penguin. He let them through and they boarded the giant sled.

“I think these sleds are marvellous,” commented Olivia.

“Yeah,” said Nyloth. “Because they can get us to Penguin Academy quicker.”

Olivia laughed and the sled started moving. Four penguins that worked in the station pushed the sled to give it a good start. Then, there is a penguin controlling how the sled moves on the snow. This form of transport can only be used going downhill.

The sled gathered speed. But it couldn’t go too fast so it was slowed down by the controller penguin. The land levelled a bit but the sled didn’t slow down because it already had enough speed. The land became flat and the sled started losing speed. We completely stopped twenty yards from Sir Penguin’s station. A few people volunteered to push the sled the remaining twenty yards.

We got out of the sled and looked around. The station was next to a very big city with lots of igloos. Our group of penguins from the sled met up with a guide.

“Welcome to the Snowpolis,” said the guide. “I will show you around until it’s time for the entrance ceremony.”

Nyloth looked at the big clock tower at the middle of the city. There was an hour until the ceremony.

The guide pointed to the clock tower.

“That is the Snowpolis clock tower,” he said. “There are only two in the whole island.”

He then pointed to some caves on the east of the city.

“In those is our city’s parliament cave,” he said. “And some army posts.”

We walked for a few minutes and he showed them the city’s tobogganing courses and Joseph’s palace igloo for when he stays in Snowpolis. He then showed them the type of igloo here and lots of important buildings and things.

Then the group stopped at a restaurant and they ate. When they were finished eating Nyloth looked at the clock. It was fifteen minutes until the ceremony. The guide looked at the tower too and said that we had better get going.

“Penguin Academy is a short five minute waddle from here,” he said.

They thanked him and the group was off.

During the trip the group conversed. Nyloth now knew that that fat stubby penguin was called Chevor and that the pretty penguin was called Felicia. Also, there were two penguins called Ronger and Kretin (who looked like a cretin and had the looks of a bully) that were on their second year of Penguin Academy.

Ronger was really friendly and told them a lot about Penguin Academy. He said that after the entrance ceremony we get a day free to pick the classes we want and to explore the school. There were swimming, hunting, predator evasion (those three are obligatory), history, nurturing, and iceology. Those are all of the classes that he could remember for the moment. He also said that there was a tobogganing class only for first years so they could learn how to do it better.

The group reached the entrance to Penguin Academy. The entrance was a big igloo but with two entrances. One entrance was facing the group and the other facing inside of Penguin Academy. Penguin Academy was surrounded by thick and tall ice walls so this was the only entrance.

Ronger and Kretin went first. After a few minutes the rest of the group heard their voices telling them it was okay to come in.

They were all in the igloo. There were two penguins in there. The group explained why they were there. They let them through with directions to where the ceremony is.

The group walked out of the igloo. They reached the area where lots of penguins were gathered. They waited a few minutes. Then, this big penguin, who seemed to be the head of the school, walked up to a big lump of ice and stood on top of it.

“That’s Mr. Welkins,” said Ronger. “He’s the head of the school.”

“Quiet, quiet everyone!” said Mr Welkins.

Everyone stopped chatting and looked up at him.

“Welcome all, to another year at Penguin Academy,” he said. “For all of you joining us this year, I’ll explain how stuff works here: After we finish with this ceremony you each are assigned a 2nd year or 3rd year student to show you around. Once that is finished you have one day before classes start. You will each be given a piece of paper containing choices for your classes and a chance to sign up for the sport teams or any after school activity. You have no classes on the weekends and you have a month of holidays in Sir Penguin’s Day. That is all you need to know for now. Any questions?”

No one raised their hands.

“Alright,” he said. “Now this is for everyone: This year we have put a lot more snow on Wizard run due to popular demand.”

All of the 2nd years and 3rd years cheered.

“Finally!” said Ronger. “That course had so little snow that you scraped your belly tobogganing it.”

“Also,” continued Mr. Welkins. “We have replaced the iceology teacher, Mr. Fligenzey, because he became too old for the job. The new iceology teacher is now called

Mr. Baffin.”

“This school gets better every year,” said Ronger. “Mr. Fligenzey was so old and he spoke so softly that you couldn’t hear him. I nearly failed my iceology exam thanks to him.”

“And lastly,” said Mr. Welkins. “For the 3rd years, we are going to have a military class, which is going to be obligatory, to help you if you ever encounter any Skuas.”

Mr. Welkins walked off. One teacher shouted directions.

“Alright, first years come here,” said the teacher. “Second years go there and third years go there.”

There was much moving. Nyloth and Olivia were separated from the rest of their group. They went to where the teacher indicated.

Chapter 3

The Day Off

They all got into a line and followed the teacher.

“I will give a quick tour and then Ronger here can give you a more detailed one,” said the teacher.

She led the group into some caves.

“This is the heart of Penguin Academy,” she said. “In here you can find a lot of the classes and a lot of rooms of importance.”

Then the group moved out and went to see a group of igloos clustered together.

“Those are where the remaining classes and our storehouses are,” she said in a hurried voice.

The teacher pointed to some mountains.

“Those are the three tobogganing courses,” she said very hurriedly. “My name is Ms Georgia and I am your nurturing teacher.

She then hurried off in the direction of the caves.

“Ummmm,” said Ronger. “Alright, everyone follow me.”

The group followed Ronger. They found more 2nd years and 3rd years and our group was split into ten smaller groups each group having twelve or thirteen penguins. Nyloth, Olivia, Chevor, Felicia and some other people led by Ronger.

Ronger gave a more detailed tour of the caves. In the caves were history, predator evasion, hunting, languages, swimming and nurturing classes. He explained that on predator evasion, hunting and swimming classes they made expeditions weekly into the open spaces. In swimming class they also made expeditions to the ocean to practise. In the caves he also said was the library with lots of wonderful books and the sleeping dormitories.

Then they went to the group of clustered igloos. In here there were the iceology and arithmetic. Also there were the storehouses which held supplies for the classes and food for emergencies. They also held some weapons if they were ever attacked by Skuas.

Finally, they went to the mountains. Ronger showed them all three courses. Barren run looked more like a hill. Wizard run looked pretty formidable. Antarctic run looked impossible.

“I myself am in Fishbeak team,” said Ronger.

They all then headed back to the caves. A teacher was handing out a time table where you choose your classes. They then were divided into the dormitories. Nyloth, Olivia, Chevor and a penguin named Colyn were all in one dormitory.

Nyloth looked at his time table:

1st year time table


History, arithmetic, nurturing, languages, iceology, predator evasion, hunting, swimming, tobogganing.

Students must take a minimum of 5 classes. Predator evasion, swimming and hunting are obligatory. Every day you will have 5 class periods with an hour for lunch. Bedtimes are strictly 10:00 P.M maximum (exceptions may be made for homework).

If students fail to do class work or bring in homework they will be punished and if this is repeated frequently the student will be expelled.

Circle classes you wish to take (remember, select at least five):

Monday:                                                Tuesday:

8-9 am:  languages                               8-9am: predator evasion

9-10 am: predator evasion                   9-10am: arithmetic

10-11am:  swimming                           10-11am: languages

11-12am: break (better do your hw)    11-12pm: break

12-1pm:  lunch break                           12-1pm: lunch

1-2pm:  hunting                                    1-2pm: iceology

2-3pm:  history                                     2-3pm: hunting

Wednesday:                                         Thursday:

8-9am:  nurturing                         8-9am: arithmetic

9-10am: arithmetic                       9-10am: hunting

10-11am: tobogganing class        10-11am: iceology

11-12am: break                            11-12am: break

12-1pm: lunch break                    12-1pm: lunch break

1-2pm: predator evasion               1-2pm: swimming

2-3pm: history                               2-3pm: history


8-9am: hunting

9-10am: swimming

10-11am: predator evasion

11-12am: break

12-1pm: lunch break

1-2pm: nurturing

2-3pm: tobogganing class

Nyloth thought for a while.

What classes should I choose? thought Nyloth.

Nyloth circled tobogganing classes for sure. Even though he already knew how to toboggan, he thought they might teach him a few new tricks and techniques.

He couldn’t take nurturing because it’s for girls and he doesn’t really want to do it.

Nyloth circled history because he wanted to know how the island and the colony got there. Nyloth also circled iceology for no reason of great importance. He then circled the three obligatory classes because you have to.

Nyloth stepped back and looked at all the classes he had circled. He had circled six in total. There were nine classes in all.

Just one more class, he thought.

Nyloth circled arithmetic. He then looked at Olivia and asked what classes she was taking.

“I am taking nurturing, history, iceology, arithmetic and languages, and the three obligatory ones” she said.

“Wow! That is a lot of classes. One more and you would have taken them all.”

Nyloth and Olivia got up and left the dormitory. They wandered about looking for something interesting to do.

“I want to get a better look at those tobogganing courses,” said Nyloth.

And so they waddled to the mountains. They first looked at Antarctic run. Nyloth stared at it wide-eyed.

“I don’t think I’ll ever master this course!” he exclaimed.

Just then Ronger walked up to them.

“Very few people have,” Ronger said in response to Nyloth’s statement. “So how are you liking Penguin Academy so far? Have you chosen your classes yet?”

“Penguin Academy is awesome and yes I have chosen my classes,” said Nyloth. “Olivia picked eight!”

“Eight?!” Ronger said amazed. “I always choose seven. Eight may only be one more class but it’s a whole hour of free time twice a week! Which is two hours of free time a week!”

“I picked seven, too,” Nyloth said.

The three friends laughed and strolled around. They visited Wizard and Barren run. Then they had a race down Wizard run. Ronger won with Nyloth second. Ronger praised Nyloth for his superb skills in tobogganing for he had nearly won.

“You should be in the Fishbeak team,” Ronger said.

“Nah, I was thinking of joining the Featherpool team,” replied Nyloth.

“Then you’re going down!”

They had a little play fight and nearly rolled off the mountain. Then the group headed for some lunch. They ate roast fish and krill. Nyloth thought that the food in Penguin Academy was exquisite. When they were finished they returned to their dormitories.

Chevor and Felicia seemed to be out but Colyn, who was a small and nervous-looking penguin, was still in there curled up in a corner. Surprised that he was there all that time Nyloth and Olivia asked him why he didn’t go out of the dormitory.

“I am v-very nervous and s-shy to go out-t there,” said Colyn stuttering.

“Awww, poor thing,” said Olivia and stretched out a flipper. “Come with me and you will have lots of fun.”

Olivia left the dormitory with Colyn to show him around the places he knew. Nyloth was left alone. He unpacked his bag that he had brought from home and took a nap. When he opened his eyes it was nearly dusk when Olivia had returned with Colyn. Chevor had come back and he looked a bit fatter. Nyloth yawned. Ronger walked in the room carrying something in his flippers.

“I just thought I might teach a little game that we play here in Penguin Academy,” He explained. “It is called Pingonia.”

“And?” Nyloth said waiting for more. “How do you play it?”

“Well, up to eight people can play. There are different roles that players can have. Some players can be penguins. Others Skuas and the rest are fish. It is a pretty long game. It is like life here on the island. The Skua players eat the penguins and fish. The penguins eat the fish. The fish just run away. There is a stack of cards in the middle and each turn you can choose whether or not to choose a card. Most of the cards bring bad fortune but a lucky few bring good fortune. The good cards are very good indeed for they can have things like: You have reproduced, you get two extra lives. Let me explain you about lives. You start with one life and you lose it if you don’t eat anything in ten turns or if you get eaten. If you lose it then you are out of the game. The board is divided into one hundred squares in which you can move in any direction the number of times you roll in the ice dice. Some square or a group of squares are different terrains like water or mountains or frozen wasteland. I will get more into those later. You eat them by just being in their square at the same time. Remember, the board is not a perfect square. Actually, at the beginning of a new game you get to choose how the board is going to be. Each player gets to place five tiles and they go around and around until all the tiles are all used. You catch all that or do I need to repeat myself?”

“You will have no time to repeat that because you will be too busy worrying about losing!” Nyloth said excitedly.

And so Nyloth, Olivia, Chevor, Ronger and Colyn gathered all around to play. When Ronger opened the box containing the game they were wowed. The game looked so intriguing and fun. They started picking parts. Nyloth said, quite quickly, that he wanted to be a Skua for they are the best players to be. So the parts are as following: Nyloth is a Skua along with and Ronger. The penguins were Olivia and Colyn. Poor old Chevor ended up being a fish.

They continued and started placing the tiles that make up the board. They ended up with a rather awkward looking shape that looked like a bird with three wings. If I explain the whole game it will quite dull so I am going to skip to an interesting scene.

Chevor was being chased by Nyloth and Ronger. They had surrounded him and his only choice was to escape to a narrow passage of water tiles. The water tiles made him go faster than the others but it didn’t matter because it was a dead end. After two turns Nyloth ate Chevor but since Nyloth and Ronger were allies they shared the spoils. Luckily, Chevor had acquired an extra life by getting a card that said: Your mother loves you so she gives you an extra life but everyone found that strange

And so the game progressed. It ended after about an hour and a half of playing. Nyloth checked the time and it was 9:30 pm. He yawned and announced that he was going to bed. Laden with excitement and ready to start his first real day at Penguin Academy he went to doze (penguins in real life actually sleep standing but for this novel we shall say that they sleep in beds).

They had had a great day and met lots of friends. They had been introduced to the game Pingonia and got to basically know the grounds of Penguin Academy. Before they knew it, they woke up.

Chapter 4

First day

Nyloth blinked his eyes. Light beamed through the window and struck his eyes. He checked the dorm’s clock. It was early but not too early. He could hear a wake up squawk being issued. He rose from his bed. Nyloth didn’t have to do a lot of stuff in the morning. He didn’t have to get changed for he had no clothes. He didn’t have to brush his teeth because he had none. All he had to do was to get his school bag ready and eat breakfast.

Nyloth checked his time table. He would need his predator evasion books, hunting books and swimming books. He also picked up his history book which was very heavy compared to the other ones.

Nyloth’s first period was free so he didn’t rush. He ate his breakfast slowly and chatted with Chevor who also had his first period free.

Chevor was a disaster at eating. He had no manners at all. He seemed to ignore completely the silverware in front of him. Chevor had told Nyloth that his motto was “If there is food in front of you, just dig in.” He was digging in alright. But when they weren’t near food they had a good time. They soon became friends.

We will now switch our focus from Nyloth to Olivia who was experiencing her first class: languages.

Olivia carried her school bag over her shoulder. She was going to finally start her first class in Penguin Academy. She was shaking with excitement and with a tint of fear.

She entered the classroom which was in the caves. It was a big room with stony walls. It had desks carved out of a special type of ice that was discovered just recently. The ice was ice but it wasn’t freezing cold. It was still a bit cold but nothing a few penguin feathers can’t handle.

A few students were already there and the teacher was at her desk which was facing the students and was much bigger. The teacher was reading a few papers (paper was invented in 1450 P.A (Penguin Ages) by scientist Raylen Hoytree. It is made by cutting ice very thin and then a special mixture is added and it becomes softer and flexible and much like human paper. You can just write on it like normal paper).

Olivia chose a desk near the front because she wanted to hear the teacher better. Then, after two or three minutes the class filled up more. The teacher got up from her desk and walked over to a little area in front of the desks.

“Welcome you all,” said the teacher. “My name is Mrs Myer and I am your languages teacher. Today, because it’s your first day, we will be covering a little bit about everything.

First, let’s start with the basics. In this class we are going to learn three languages. These three languages are spoken widely throughout the Antarctic regions.

The first language is Penguitton. This language is the most used. It is spoken mainly by penguins on the mainland. Penguins like Emperor and King Penguins This is the language used in the island. We’re speaking it right now as a matter of fact. We will learn how to improve our vocabulary on this language and know its origin.

The second language that we are going to learn is Rockjop. This is the language used by the Rockhopper penguins. It’s very widely spoken by mostly Rockhoppers. But the Rockhoppers have a lot of islands under their culture. This will be the most difficult to learn.

The final language that I will teach you will be Teylon. Teylon is used by the Macaroni Penguins and was used by the ancient Chinstraps before the island adopted Penguitton in 350 P.A. It is also used by lots of small colonies of some of the lesser species of penguins (by lesser I mean they are less numerous and less popular).”

They spent the rest of the class studying how to say the basic words in Rockjop. Hello was “teneloth” and good-bye was “tiniloth.” Learning to say how are you took a while but they finally learned that it was “yoot tuk sau.” Then the class ended and Olivia ran out gleefully. She only had five minutes before her next class, predator evasion, started.

She met up with Nyloth and together they hurried off to the class.

The class was in a cave much like the one in languages. It looked pretty much the same except the books on the shelves had different topics and there weren’t as many.

Nyloth and Olivia chose seats next to each other. Their seats were in the middle of the class. Nyloth was very nervous because this was his first class.

The teacher stood up and started giving his lesson.

“Good morning students,” said the teacher. “My name is Mr Gregory and I am your predator evasion teacher. As it is our first day together of many we will start off with a game to get to know each other better. I will pretend to be a Skua and I will chase you around the class. If I catch you then you have to say your name and from what region you came from. Does that sound like a nice game?”

“Yes,” responded the class. But what else could they say?

He started chasing a penguin. The penguin he chose was swift and fast. It took Mr Gregory quite a while but he finally caught him.

“My name is Tristan and I came from Icezendell,” said Tristan.

Then Mr Gregory started chasing Colyn. Colyn let out a shriek because in all his nervousness he had forgotten that they were playing a game and he ran out of the classroom.

“That was weird,” Mr Gregory said awkwardly. “Anyone know who that is?”

“Yes, he is my dorm-mate.” responded Olivia. “He is quite nervous and shy.”

“Can you go fetch him quickly and come back?”

“Sure, Mr Gregory”

Olivia ran out the door in search of Colyn. They resumed playing the game. A girl named Tracy got caught and she came from the capital, which actually is Snowpolis.

Olivia then returned and they resumed the class. Nyloth started getting chased but he was so good that Mr Gregory had to give up and chase another person.

“I bet you will live to a ripe old age with skills like that,” commented Mr Gregory to Nyloth.

They stopped playing the game three-quarters through the class. By that time nearly everyone (except Nyloth) was caught. They all sat back down in their desks panting.

Then for the remainder of the class the teacher explained the speed and the techniques of the Skua. Then class was over and everyone walked out.

“Swimming is up next,” said Olivia checking her schedule.

And so they went to the swimming classroom. They sat down and waited for the teacher to start.

“Hello students,” said the teacher. “I am Mr Jenkins and I am your swimming teacher. I thought for the first day we might go out to the ocean.”

The whole class cheered for it sounded way better than being stuck in the classroom. Mr Jenkins led us out of the classroom. We went to the northern part of Penguin Academy. The part that met up with the sea.

Mr Jenkins made them do a lot of hard work and exercise. It was hard-going. They practiced many dodging techniques. They practiced how to dodge obstacles and how to dodge water predators. When the class was done Nyloth and Olivia were sore all over.

“At least it’s break time,” Olivia said tiredly. “I am going to take a nap.”

“Me too,” Nyloth said yawning.

And so the two went to their dormitory. They had a quiet little nap and woke up just in time for lunch.

Lunch was in the Academy’s main restaurant: Ferry’s Fish Fillet. Nyloth and Olivia lined up so they could get their food. They were having Fish Fillet. They got their food and sat down in a table. They gobbled their food down hungrily. They had about fifteen minutes until their next class which was hunting.

They decided to spend them doing a quick race on the Barren Run. Nyloth won and they hurried to their next class because they were a bit late.

They were the last ones in the class to arrive. The teacher sat up and introduced herself.

“Welcome, pupils,” she said. “I am Ms Ternithia and I am your hunting teacher as you all should know. I mean, who should be stupid enough to enter the class not knowing what they were going to learn. They might as well learn the art of Rockhopper fighting for all I care! I am just here to teach how to hunt and if you don’t pay very close attention then too bad!”

She got a little agitated at the end. All the students looked at each other. She was quite a weird teacher. Who would scream at their students for something they didn’t do and on their first day of Penguin Academy?

“How much do you know about hunting?” asked Ms Ternithia.

A few students raised their hands. Colyn was among them. How unusual.

“Nothing!” she said. “You know nothing about hunting! I am going to teach you all you will know about hunting. I taught every penguin in the island for the last twelve years all they need to know about hunting!”

Nyloth wondered why this lady was working here. She was crazy! Maybe she was good at teaching. With that attitude, Nyloth doubted so.

“We will now start with the simple lunging technique for catching fish,” she said. “I will place a bucket in front of you filled with water and a fish flopping in it. I want you to lunge for the fish and catch it. Once you caught it spit it back out! I will not have anyone who eats their fish!”

She started passing the fish around. Chevor was first. He lunged for the fish and missed.

“Come on kid, it’s not that hard!” said Ms Ternithia impatiently.

Chevor finally caught it on his third try. The teacher took the bucket away from him glad to be able to continue.

It passed around the classroom. Most of the students managed to get it on their first try.               Even Colyn got it in his first try though he was shaking very hard because of the glaring eyes of Ms Ternithia.

Nyloth and Olivia also got it. Ms Ternithia passed it again a second time around the classroom. When that was finished she took out a larger bucket and dropped the water with the fish onto that bucket.

“Now we will attempt with a larger bucket,” she said.

A few more people didn’t get in their first try. Amazingly enough, Colyn got the fish perfectly. Chevor got in his fifth try and Ms Ternithia nearly gave him detention for wasting so much time of her class.

The class went on like this. Each bucket they did two times and then they moved on to bigger buckets. Until finally they got to a huge bucket.

At this huge bucket nobody got the fish, except, Colyn. The whole class stared at him wide-eyed. At this Colyn let out a shriek for he was extremely nervous as you already know. He dropped the fish in his beak. Ms Ternithia started scolding him and so he ran away.

“This class’s behaviour is unacceptable!” cried Ms Ternithia. “I will give triple the homework I had planned to each of you!”

“Homework?!” muttered Nyloth to Olivia. “On the first day?”

And so they spent the rest of the period doing mountains of work. When the class was done she assigned a truck-load of homework to each penguin. Everyone walked out of the classroom muttering curses under their breath.

Nyloth and Olivia’s next class and last class for the day was History. Nyloth had been looking forward to this class and so he couldn’t wait to get there.

They got to the class and sat down. They were early due to Nyloth’s enthusiasm. They waited a few minutes and the professor started his class.

“Hello, I am Professor Dendelberry,” he said. “I am your history teacher. Today I thought we will learn a simplified version of how this island came to be.

Long ago, 1899 years ago to be exact (1899 P.A was the year they were in at that time), a group of penguins from and island that no longer exists came to this island in search of a new home. They were a small species of penguins and they were much similar to us. Their island was encountering serious volcanic activity. They realized that their island was doomed so they built up some boats out of ice. Two days before the volcano on the island erupted the group, which numbered roughly of a thousand penguins, they set off in a hopeless search for another island. There was little hope of finding an empty island in the big open ocean and they knew it.

But against all odds, they managed to find this island. They were overjoyed and ran off the boats. They started building a colony and so on. After a few years they had a booming city called Snowpolis. Then, after thoroughly exploring the rest of the island, they started a new settlement and then another and another until every corner of the island was colonized.

They had adopted the language Penguitton in 350 P.A. Then they managed to bear a heading in where they were and where the rest of all the penguin civilizations.

They discovered many new technologies and had special events like wars, depressions, booms and so on. On this term we will focus more on the founding of the island. We will study it closely and see it from different points of view. We have the journals of some of the colonists and we will study those.

Next term we will focus more on the great Penguin Wars. All six of them.”

The class then spent the rest of the class period listening to the story again to get it more wedged in their brains. By the end of the class everyone knew the story pretty well.

That was the final class of the day. They had the rest of the day free except of the ton of homework assigned by Ms Ternithia. Nyloth and Olivia started on it right away thinking that they would finish it easily. But they found it a lot harder then they had thought. They spent hour after hour trying to finish it but they found it extremely difficult because they knew next to nothing about hunting. Among the questions were: “What is the name of the diving technique used commonly in the West of the island?” “What is the name of the tastiest type of fish and how do you catch it?” They were impossible to answer unless you attended to months of hunting classes.

On the first question they had decided that they had to do it in the library. Luckily they had decided that quickly enough because a few minutes after that a lot of people started to come. Nyloth guessed that they too were trying to figure out the homework.

The library soon got crowded but there weren’t that many people in Nyloth’s class so what could be happening? Maybe Ms Ternithia was so angry that she gave homework to the other 1st year classes for no reason of theirs. She truly was mad!

It was around seven when they had finished all their homework.

“I hope we don’t get this much every time we go to hunting class,” commented Olivia

They were so tired that they went to eat as soon as possible. They came back and went to sleep directly.

Chapter 5

Tobogganing teams

Nyloth awoke to the sound of Olivia’s voice.

“Wake up!” said Olivia urgently. “Look at this!”

Nyloth got up and shook the sleep out of him. He then walked to where Olivia was standing. It was outside their dormitory on the main hall. There was a small crowd around it.

Nyloth squirmed through the crowd to see what the matter was. He saw a billboard that wasn’t there the day before. There was only one small paper there. Nyloth read it:

Tobogganing teams

We would like to inform you that the Tobogganing teams will be holding auditions for the 1st years on Wednesday. It’ll be at the top of the Wizard run. Please be there at 5:00 PM sharp. Thank you for attention.

“It’s tomorrow!” said Nyloth excitedly. “I can’t wait!”

There was much talking about the subject in the morning but as soon as classes started it diminished.

Their first class was predator evasion. It went by pretty slow for they just studied the features of the Skua. Nyloth phased out after they had started with the wings which were the first feature that they were to study of many.

Their next class was arithmetic. They got there and sat down. The teacher started.

“Hello I am Professor Ripley and I am going to teach you arithmetic,” he said. “Let me tell you a bit about arithmetic. This class is closely linked with iceology. We use arithmetic to measure the number of ice we should use and how much we should cut and so on. Today we will focus on simple equations. So everyone get out your arithmetic books and start reading the introduction and then we will practice.”

It will be quite pointless to explain how the rest of the class went because they just did boring math sums and reading about math sums and practicing math sums. Pretty much your average math class.

This class seemed to drag on for hours on end. Nyloth hated every moment he spent in that classroom throughout the whole year.

So then it finally came to an end. Nyloth was happy but he came out grumpy. Olivia wasn’t very happy but she wasn’t as grumpy as Nyloth.

Just the whole of today’s classes and tomorrow’s classes and then it will be tobogganing time, thought Nyloth anxiously

Lucky for Nyloth he had the next three hours to relax because the next class was languages, which he didn’t take, and then after that was break and then lunch break.

Colyn was only taking six classes (you can guess why) and he had the period free with Nyloth and Chevor. The trio went over to the dormitory were Ronger was. He wasn’t taking languages either but that didn’t matter at the moment because the second year languages class was at a different time. Ronger wasn’t in class because this was the time of the second year break

They asked him if he was up for a round of Pingonia.

“I don’t know guys,” he replied. “I am hanging out with my 2nd year friends. I am sorry. How about after classes end?”

“Sure,” responded Nyloth gloomily.

They walked out disappointed. They sat around in their dormitory doing basically nothing for fifteen minutes. They then headed over to Ferry’s Fish Fillet for a drink.

They discovered something quite interesting there. Nyloth ordered for everyone his favourite drink: PengPower, a super power drink that can get some people really hyper. Apparently, Colyn was one of those people.

Colyn was staring at his cup filled with PengPower nervously.

“It’s delicious!” urged Nyloth. “Come on!”

Colyn took a small sip. His expression changed and he drank the rest of the drink very quickly.

“Whoa,” Nyloth said. “Don’t drink too much too fast or you can-”

Nyloth got interrupted. Colyn burst out laughing for no reason. He got up and started running around laughing. Then he jumped on one of the ice tables and started dancing very rapidly shouting “PengPower is my life!” He was extremely hyper and cared nothing that everyone was staring and talking to each other about him.

Nyloth was dumbstruck but not for long. He soon got up and ran out the room to get some adult penguins. He returned about two minutes later. Colyn was still on top of the table dancing with full energy. The adults that Nyloth brought, Mr Baffin and Ms Ternithia, went right away to catch Colyn. The whole situation was over in five minutes. The teachers carried away Colyn for detention or something.

But Nyloth sat there analyzing the situation.

If Colyn learned to control all that energy, he thought. I could use it to my advantage.

Nyloth thought hard about all this but decided to let it go for the moment because he was heating up with excitement because of the tobogganing team’s tryouts.

I am probably boring you with all these classes so I am going to skip right to the Tobogganing tryouts. Let’s just say that the classes went smoothly and boringly for young Nyloth.

Nyloth looked around. There were only a few people there. He was on top of the Wizard Run waiting for the auditions to start.

Nyloth had hoped that a few more people would have come but then again he was forty-five minutes early.

Tobogganing was Nyloth’s passion. He knew that he was going to be the best in the team. He would be the best player ever and everyone would cheer when he raced.

Nyloth was stuck in his dreams of glory. He didn’t notice Kretin come. Kretin walked around looking down of the Wizard Run for a few minutes and then disappeared. All this happened and Nyloth didn’t even notice it.

Nyloth, to spend the time until the tryouts, made conversation with the other Tobogganing enthusiasts there. They talked about famous players and of famous games and of their favourite teams. They got lost in a Tobogganing wonderland and before they knew it the whole top of the mountain was packed.

Olivia was in the stands and she waved to Nyloth. But Nyloth was too busy getting ready to notice. Nyloth wasn’t really aware of what was happening around him when he was in the Tobogganing mood.

“Welcome everyone to this year’s Tobogganing team tryouts,” said a booming voice. It was the captain of the Featherpool team speaking into a microphone set up for him. “We are glad to have you all here. Now before we start of the auditions I would like to have a little quiz. I will ask a few questions about Tobogganing and you have to answer them by raising your flipper. Alright, first question, what was the name of the first Tobogganing team ever to be formed?”

Nyloth’s hand shot up in the air like a bullet. So did a few others. The captain picked Nyloth.

“The first team ever to be formed was the Emperor Penguin’s North Antarctica,” said Nyloth knowledgably.

“Correct. Next question, who discovered Tobogganing?”

Some penguin who Nyloth didn’t know got chosen. He responded the answer correctly.

The captain asked a few other questions. Then he stopped and said, “Now we will start the auditions with the Skua Slayers followed by the Seaside team then Fishbeak and lastly Featherpool.”

Everyone nodded with agreement and a bunch of penguins rushed to be the first to audition for the Skua Slayers.

A penguin named Trey was first. There were a bunch of judges stationed all throughout the course to observe how the penguins did.

Trey was off. He sped down the hill like a lighting bolt. But going that fast was going to be problematic when he needs to dodge obstacles.

Penguins didn’t need to do the whole course because that would take like twenty minutes. They just have to toboggan through a stretch of land with a few obstacles that just takes two minutes to do.

Two minutes passed. Then three minutes. He wasn’t back yet and no word from the judges. Another two minutes passed. Something was wrong. He should have been back by now. One of the three teachers there stood up. It was Mr Baffin.

“All the team captains follow me,” he said. “We have to find out what happened.”

Ms Ternithia also got up and followed them. Together the group went half walking half running down the slope.

Everyone looked to each other and muttered some conversation. They were all anxious to see what happened. Olivia went down from the stands to talk to Nyloth. The conversation got louder and louder and before you know it everyone was shouting to each other.

Ms Georgia, the only teacher left there, was desperately trying to control everyone but there were too many penguins for her. She just gave up for it was hopeless and walked away toward the caves.

Nyloth was talking with Olivia when out of the corner of his eye he caught sight of Kretin standing there with a wicked smile on his face.

“Look at Kretin!” said Nyloth to Olivia. “He’s smiling! He probably caused all this mayhem.”

They both watched his every move. Then, he started walking away toward the group of igloos. Later Nyloth and Olivia would learn that it was called Repy’s Village. They followed him but made sure that they weren’t seen.

Kretin got to the village but then he disappeared inside one of the igloos.

“Let’s just wait for him to come out,” said Nyloth.

And so they waited. They waited for a while then decided that he should have come out by now so they went inside to investigate.

Inside the igloo was a small warehouse with food supplies and ice sculpting tools. There were also a few rifles in case Penguin Academy fell into siege (which has happened before). But there was no Kretin.

“What the?” said Olivia confused. “Where is he? Maybe he is hiding!”

They themselves hid behind some equipment and looked around intensely. But they didn’t find any sign of Kretin. Nyloth got up and looked around.

“He cannot be here in this over-cramped igloo!” said Nyloth disappointedly. “He probably escaped through some hidden door or something.”

They both looked down gloomily. Olivia sat down in one of the boxes. But suddenly, she fell inside it!

She fell a few feet but was alright. She landed at the start of a long tunnel.

“Are you alright?” shouted Nyloth.

“Yes, but I think we found the hidden entrance that Kretin used”

“Awesome! Should I come down?”

“I don’t see why not!”

Nyloth jumped down and had a rough landing. Then they faced the dark tunnel in front of them. It was pitch dark except for little cracks in the top of the tunnel.

“Well,” says Nyloth ready for adventure. “Only one way to go: forward.”

They both started walking. They looked around. The tunnel was made of a strange material. Not of Penguin Ice (stronger than regular ice and doesn’t melt so easily) but of something different. Nyloth smelled it. It smelled bad.

“What is this tunnel made of?” wondered Nyloth aloud.

“I don’t know but it’s giving me the creeps,” replied Olivia. She shuddered.

They walked for what seemed like an hour. Their feet were very weary.  They must have walked out of school grounds by now.

Then suddenly, they heard some footsteps ahead. Olivia and Nyloth didn’t know what to do. There was nowhere to hide in the tunnel. They pushed themselves flat against the wall of the tunnel.

Then it struck Nyloth like a bolt of lightning. The strange material was of Skua origin! And the footsteps belonged to a Skua!

Nyloth gulped and gave Olivia a dark look. She immediately understood their situation. They both tried to make themselves invisible. They were frozen with fear.

The footsteps then turned direction. They got fainter and fainter until they ceased altogether.

It wasn’t until twenty minutes passed that they dared to move.

“Should we go back?” Olivia said shaking with fear.

“No,” replied Nyloth. “We got this far.”

And so they kept on going. The tunnel seemed to go on forever. Then, the tunnel walls widened. They soon entered a large cave. In the center of the cave was a table with chairs around it. In the chairs were mostly tough-looking Skuas but there were also some penguins. Among them was Kretin!

Chapter 6

The Conspiracy

Nyloth panicked. What if they were caught? But Olivia kept her cool and grabbed Nyloth by the flipper. Together they ran silently but quickly to a hiding place.

They looked around. They were in a large cave with a really tall ceiling. The large table in the middle of the room wasn’t the only thing there. The whole cave was crammed with boxes. Spilling out of the boxes were deadly-looking weapons.

On the wall of the cave was a huge map diagram with lots of arrows and circles. In the centre of the whole map was a fortress looking structure surrounded by lots of red circles and most of the arrows were pointing towards it. It was labelled “Penguin Academy!”

Nyloth gulped. He didn’t like the looks of it. There was an invasion planned and Penguin Academy was in the middle of it.

Suddenly, a large group of penguins entered through the main entrance of the cave. They all sat down around the table. There were around thirty people sitting around the table. Nearly a quarter were penguins.

“Thank you all for coming to the first meeting of the Penguin Academy Conspiracy” said a Skua. “Now let me explain to everyone the plan. Phase one, infiltrating Penguin Academy, is complete. The next part of the plan is the following: we will use the penguin students that we have in the school fake a disease. It will slowly spread from student to student but it will not be really happening. But before we can do that we need more penguin students on our side. Then the school will be forced to go onto quarantine and nearly everyone will be evacuated except the sick students and some doctors and nurses. Next, we will have the students in the school that are pretending the disease suddenly “cure” and take over the school. That’s when we move in our main army and capture Penguin Academy. From there on, we will slowly capture the rest of the island and we will finally regain that dominance we had before these penguins moved in!”

Everyone cheered. Nyloth and Olivia were worried sick. What if their plan actually worked? They had to tell the authorities right away!

“Yeah that’s all very smart and well planned out,” said suddenly one of the Skuas. But once we have Penguin Academy what guarantees that we should have it for more than a week? It will just be history repeating itself for the umpteenth time. We usually capture forts or towns but then the might of the Chinstrap United (the chinstrap army) just pushes us all out and all we succeed in doing is losing half of a huge army.”

There was much murmuring between all the Skuas and penguins there. Nyloth and Olivia got hopeful.

“Silent!” said the booming voice of the leader Skua. “You have a point there. This plan has only just started this year and there is much to be done if it is to succeed. This is precisely why we are holding this meeting, to seek out any flaws in the master plan and to think of ways to fix them. Now does anyone have any suggestions on how we can fix this problem?”

There was a long silence and you could almost hear thirty minds thinking. Then suddenly one of the penguins rose. It was an adult rockhopper penguin.

“We could create a distraction,” he said.

“Emphasize,” said the leader Skua interested.

“Well, we could pretend that there is a giant war between the rockhoppers and the emperor penguins. Since the Chinstraps have a kind helping nature they will send more than half of Chinstrap United to help the rockhoppers (they are allies). I think we can fight half of their army.”

“And how are we going to pretend that there is a giant war raging through Antarctica?”

“We can convert some more rockhopper penguins to join our cause. Enough so we can pretend that they are a rockhopper army company that deserted the main army because they were sick of the war and they escaped to Chinstrap shores for some peace.”

“But wouldn’t the Chinstraps think that the rockhoppers, since they are allies, alert them of the war and ask for assistance instead of keeping it quiet and then suddenly a scruffy looking company washes up in their shores seeking peace straight from a war. They would know it is phony right away.”

“We could make the company say that they were struck hard and fast so they had no time to do anything except constant defending day after day after day.”

“Alright, for next meeting I expect our numbers to have risen to fifty. You all must try to convince everyone you know to join the conspiracy. We all want this to be a success. Also, if the person refuses to join us you cannot let them go around with knowledge of this plan. You must use the weapons we will hand out in a few minutes. They will erase their memory of the last hour and put them to sleep. Now, meeting dismissed”

Everybody left (except a couple of guards) leaving the two young penguins dumbstruck. They were just left staring blankly into space. Their brains wouldn’t function. Finally, Olivia got her wits back together. They had to get out of there!

“You thinking what I’m thinking?” asked Olivia.

“Yeah! We take out the guards, destroy all of the equipment and we will be named heroes!”

Olivia rolled her eyes whilst Nyloth was nodding his head and saying “Oh yeahhh.”

“Yes, tell me how that works out for you,” Olivia said. “You take out the guards while I quickly but quietly dash out of here and return to Penguin Academy.”

Nyloth shrugged. Who was he kidding? He was the human equivalent of a twelve year old with zero fighting experience. Olivia’s plan was a lot more practical.

They returned to Penguin Academy via the tunnel. When they got there… they were greeted by a wave of scolds from all the teachers.

“Where were you?!” “What were you thinking!” “You are in so much trouble young penguins!”

Nyloth raised his flippers to call for silence. The furious teachers glared at him with piercing eyes.

“We have a perfectly reasonable explanation for our actions…”

Chapter 7

A Dilemma Arises

“…And that is the story.” finished Nyloth.

Everyone looked at each other with funny expressions. After a long silence, Mr Welkins said, “Kids, come with me.”

The duo followed slightly confused.

Mr Welkins led them deep into the caves area. They entered a room which happened to be his office. Mr Welkins sat down in a big chair made out of seal’s skin. Nyloth imagined it must have cost a fortune.

Nyloth and Olivia were both hopeful, they thought that he wanted to talk privately about the situation.

“Are you both out of your mind?!” Mr Welkins shouted.

Their hopes were dashed and crashed.

“I myself have served in Chinstrap United for a couple of years and I know that if what you say is true, they would have found out about this since day one. Now do you expect me to believe a young couple of penguins or the mighty Chinstrap United, who claim there is little or no Skua activity this year?”

“But you just have to believe us, sir!” moaned Olivia. “PA’s survival depends on it! And why would we ever make up such a story?”

“To get attention maybe?” Now be gone. “Dismissed!”


Mr Welkins was already busy with other stuff. They had no choice except to leave, knowing that PA was doomed.

The next day classes continued. Nyloth and Olivia didn’t speak a work to each other. They were both in shock. The thought that they wouldn’t be believed hadn’t even come into their minds before they got told off by Mr Welkins.

They headed for classes. They were getting light loads of homework by now. But it was still the first week out of many. Then only class where they were working full time was, you guessed it, Ms Ternithia’s class. Nyloth’s excitement over classes had already worn off. He thought most of them seemed to drag on. Big shock. Though he did have a passion for history class. He listened closely on all the lectures and he approached tasks with enthusiasm.

At the break, Olivia and Nyloth met up with Colyn and Ronger. They told them all about their findings about the conspiracy. Every detail was included. Colyn was aghast. Ronger was shocked but not as much as Colyn. He said this was the sort of thing the Skuas do.

“We tried to tell Mr Welkins but he thought we were lying!” said Olivia.

“Naturally,” replied Ronger. “Mr Welkins is a seeing is believing type of person. Unless you have cold hard fact he won’t believe you.”

It took a moment for Nyloth to realize what Ronger was suggesting.

“Oh no!” said Nyloth quickly. “I am not going back there! The risk is too great. Do you have any idea what happens if we get caught? Dragged into Skua territory and plucked feather by feather!”

“You’re probably right. But I can’t think of anything else to do. Let’s just see if anything comes up or if we think of something.”

Right there and then, the break was over. No matter, it was lunch after break so another hour of relaxing.

After classes ended, Nyloth was heading toward his dorm when he saw another few papers on the billboard. Most of them were announcing about boring after class clubs but one said that they were re-doing the Tobogganing trials. Fine with him. He was wondering what was going to happen with that.

Nyloth showed up at the second trials on Friday. Everything went smoothly. People told Nyloth that most of the people chosen for the teams were 2nd or 3rd years because those were the most experienced. They rarely chose 1st years unless they were extremely talented. That rule doubles when it comes to Featherpool. They’re the top dogs so they only accept the best.

Everybody was smirking when Nyloth came up to try out for Featherpool. A first year hadn’t been on that team for over fifty years. But Nyloth was confident.

Somebody was heard saying, “If that kid makes the team then I am a fish!”

Well, apparently that guy’s a fish because Nyloth made the team! He blew the crowd away with his precision turns and his impeccable speed. Everybody was cheering. Olivia, from the stands, screamed and shouted like crazy.

Nyloth beamed. First in fifty years! That’s something to be proud of. He was enjoying the moment.

The captain of the team congratulated Nyloth. The rest of the team members patted him on the back and smiled.

“Welcome to the team, Shorty,” the captain said quite amazed at Nyloth’s skills.

“Last chance to switch teams!” joked Ronger from Fishbeak.

It was all over soon and everyone headed back to their dorms. Nyloth was beyond satisfied. He met up with Olivia and they talked about how awesome it was that he made the team.

That night, Nyloth and Olivia threw a small party in their dorm to celebrate a good (if finding out a secret that could be the end of the Chinstraps and not being believed is good then yeah) week. Ronger, Chevor, Colyn, Nyloth, Felicia and Olivia were the partiers. Ronger had an Icod in his room with a speaker so he brought that over for music. They danced, talked, gossiped, laughed, ate and basically had a great time.

They partied until late in the night but it didn’t matter because it was the weekend. Nyloth couldn’t have been happier. He had great friends, he was on the team to do his favourite sport and he wasn’t doing too bad in classes.

He had no idea that it was all about to come crashing down.

It all started the following day. Nyloth sat next to Olivia at breakfast.

“You know we have to do something about this,” said Nyloth. “About the conspiracy.”

“I know! I know! I’ve been thinking long and hard about this but nothing comes to mind,” Olivia replied. “I just wished they believed us!”

Nyloth nodded slowly lost in his thoughts. He then suddenly got up and walked towards the exit.

Olivia was, undoubtedly, confused. She went after Nyloth.

Nyloth had seen someone beckoning him in his mind. He then lost control of all his body. It felt like there was some other thoughts in his head. Hushed whispers overrode his own thoughts and commanded his body with an overwhelming presence. Forced to comply, he started heading for the Antarctic Run course.

Somewhere in the back of his mind, something told him he was being followed. He realized it was Olivia, his only hope. He also realized that if the presence found out about Olivia, she would be in trouble. Nyloth did everything in his power to keep the thought away from the presence. He focused on something else, like the fact his body was being controlled by someone other than him!

He succeeded in hiding the thought but Olivia was being too obvious about the following and soon the presence would find out on its own.

Olivia wondered what the heck Nyloth was doing. He seemed to be heading towards the tobogganing courses…

Has he fallen asleep and is sleep walking? No, there must be something wrong. If there is, I should be more careful about following him.

Olivia crept more furtively behind Nyloth and kept a distance. She could have sworn she heard a sigh of relief from Nyloth!

She soon realized Nyloth’s walking was different. It was clumsy and erratic, such as a baby chick’s. And yet it seemed more purposeful. As it had a reason. An important one.

Finally, after ten or so minutes (Penguin Academy is big) they reached the Antarctic Run. Olivia could see no place to hide so she quickly dashed the ten metres or so separating her and the beginning of the course. She skidded down the course until the first obstacle and hid behind there. Amazed that she hadn’t been seen, she listened intently and waited.

Control of his functions was finally returned to him. He was in the middle of making a run for it when he heard a strong, commanding voice say “Stop.”

Nyloth stopped for fear of losing his control again. Slowly he turned around and came face to face with… just as he had sub-consciously feared… a Skua.

“You come with me,” said he. “Ask no questions if you value your mental control.”

Nyloth actually did value his mental control so he followed asking no questions. On the way, the full blast of what had just happened hit him.

Skuas had mind control

Who would have thought? Mind control, as far as Nyloth was concerned, was impossible. Even suggesting it possible was sheer madness. And yet, after coming from a first-hand experience he wished he hadn’t, Nyloth was convinced he had genuinely felt mind control.

But of all people, the Skuas had discovered it! The impact this could have on all of Antarctica. And the conspiracy! They wouldn’t stand a chance against mind control. The Chinstraps were already infiltrated but not in places of great power. But now with mind control, there is no stop to their plans.

As he followed he started worrying about his own sake. After all he was being taken by a Skua to the Shrublands. A place feared by all and loved by none. Were the Skuas ran wild… and hungry.

But then it struck him the weirdness of the situation. It just seemed impossible that in the middle of eating lunch at Ferry’s Fish Fillet he had been mind-controlled into coming here. And somehow a Skua got into Penguin Academy and know was taking him out of here into the Shrublands.

He only hoped it would all become clear in time…

Dumbfounded, Olivia stared blankly as the Skua walked away with Nyloth.

What the heck had just happened? Thought Olivia

A Skua is in Penguin Academy. No, A SKUA IS IN PENGUIN ACADEMY!!! was more like it.

Olivia, on instinct, followed the strange duo of Nyloth and Skua. They were obviously heading out of PI.

Olivia was beginning to think that Nyloth was not doing this in his own free-will.

As she crept surreptitiously behind them, she started to relax. What are the odds that they won’t get seen and stopped as they exit! As her memory serves, Penguin Academy is walled.

Suddenly, Olivia heard a distant zooming noise. It sounded sort of like an engine but one unlike anything she had ever heard of.

Olivia looked up when the sound got closer and closer. She noticed that the Skua and Nyloth had stopped walking. Hiding from behind a pile of snow (she was amazed that the Skua always stopped next to extremely convenient hiding places!)  she watched the scene unfold.

Nyloth gaped at the vehicle which had just landed. He had heard of penguin scientists making breakthroughs on flight and estimates were that penguins would be airborne within the next two centuries but this was just… wow.

In front of Nyloth was a futuristic, streamlined, sleek kind of shuttle that had just come whizzing from the sky piloted by a female penguin  in the cockpit.

“Alright, bring the student hostage in the Delta Shuttle,” said the female penguin.

Student hostage?! So that’s what he was. But, the conspiracy plans didn’t say anything about taking hostages and prisoners.

As he was loaded into the shuttle he noticed in the side of the shuttle a word that was meaningless to him but means a lot to us readers. Written in a strange text it read:


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    That was incredible! I had already read the first three chapters, but the fourth chapter was better than my Prologue! I am just impressed because I get great scores on my writing tests, and everything else! 🙂

    We Waddle On!

    Mateobeccar: I get really high scores in writing tests too!

  2. leziverre11098 permalink*
    January 6, 2009 1:03 AM

    This story is awesome! 😀

    Mateobeccar: Thanks!

    • August 19, 2009 7:37 AM

      wow check out this comment, ur name is still at leziverre 😀

      • August 19, 2009 8:43 AM


        • August 28, 2009 4:28 AM


      • August 19, 2009 9:01 AM

        Yeah. I think I changed my name to Zaeriuraschi on January 22.

  3. Vennard permalink
    January 23, 2009 2:18 AM

    The stories are …


  4. snowy1900 permalink
    May 30, 2009 2:57 PM

    long story! It’s pretty cool

  5. June 27, 2009 2:07 PM

    it’s AMAZING!!!

  6. Bubbles permalink
    August 27, 2009 11:26 PM

    Mat are you gonna add me back to penglibrary? If not, edit my page and put Chapter 10 there:

    Chapter 10: The Epic Battle

    The heroes back at Chocolate Island were still celebrating their victory upon Cca and her minions. Everything was peaceful as they all ate the rest of the chocolate. Aloraz loved it a lot.

    Meanwhile, the evil villains had discovered their clever plan to finally defeat Weeblee and his pals. Mateobeccar, Kelli, and Cca were the main creators of the plan.

    “Finally after hard work, we will finally eat our pig!” yelled Angel.

    “Here is the big plan.” replied Kelli. “We will each fight an opponent that is worthy of us. Angel will fight Weeblee, I will fight George, Mateobeccar the vampire will fight that annoying hobo Big Chill, Cca will fight Pengbro and his dog Aloraz, Benefactor will fight Weeblee’s brother Porky, Goodie will fight that bowling ball saleswoman Emily, Bca will fight Melinda the backstabbing cow, and Dca will fight that gutless Cooper the chicken. Everybody got it?”

    All of the villains understood the plan as they would wait till the following day. It was getting late and they had to reserve all their energy.

    The following day all the villains woke up with a revenge seeking vengeance. They were ready to beat some good guy’s butts. The good guys were tired after that big party last night.

    The villains hit everybody with a coconut as they woke up. It was finally the battle that everybody even you were waiting for. The real battle of everyone’s lives was coming.

    The showdowns started coming. The first battle was between Cooper and Dca. It was started from worst match up to best. The lava alien shot its 10 arms as it was ready to hurt some roasted chicken. Cooper stopped being gutless as he used his kung fu moves from Japan to destroy Dca forever. Everyone was shocked as the heroes were already winning.

    The next battle was between Melinda the toast loving cow and Dca’s clone Bca. Bca did exactly what Dca did except it had 11 arms. Melinda got her toast and gave it to Bca. It was allergic to toast as it became a puddle.

    The third was between Emily and Goodie. Goodie and Emily decided a battle wasn’t necessary. It would be a bowling tournament. Goodie and Emily both had strikes for the whole game until a big round. Goodie got a spare. It was up to Emily to see who would win. Emily went back a few steps and got a strike. The whole heroes clapped as Goodie signed up for more bowling practice.

    The next battle was between Benefactor and Porky. It was a question contest. Benefactor asked what time is it while Porky asked where we are. The first person to answer lost. Porky asked who are you and Benefactor replied Benefactor. Porky won and celebrated while eating chocolate cake.

    The next one was a big one. Cca and Pengbro would have a rematch at the ice cream scooping contest from Chapter 6. Cca still won but Aloraz started ripping her to threads. Cca then gave up so Pengbro actually won.

    The last three were fought at the same. Big Chill and Mateobeccar used their special powers as they fought in the sky. Kelli and George had a big battle and so did Weeblee and Angel. It was a terrible sight to the three non fighting heroes on the mountain looking down.

    “What are they doing down there?” asked the helpful Perry the red puffle.

    “It looks like they are fighting for their lives. I am scared.” replied Natacha the little girl.

    “It is a sad day when people, animals, or things fight to the death. I don’t like it one bit!” announced Yfrog the wise genie.

    “We have to do something before it’s too late!” yelled Natacha.

    The group of three made everyone fight again. All the lava aliens came up and the cows came back as Chocolate Island became a huge fiasco. Everybody (except the three wise heroes on top) were hurting each other for no reason. This looked like the end of everyone. Yfrog and Perry just sat there as they gave up. Natacha however overcame her fear as she screamed at the top of her lungs “EVERYBODY QUIET!!!!”

    All the fighting ceased as everybody was surprised at the little girl. Natacha then spoke.

    “Why are you all fighting? This shouldn’t be! Everybody in this beautiful Earth is supposed t be peaceful and kind to each other. Let’s all follow this path as we all come in for a group hug and trust one another. What do you say?”

    Everybody looked at one and other. What would they do? They decided to ignore the girl as they started beating the poop out of each other. Natacha had enough as she got some rope and jumped. She grabbed everybody including Yfrog and Perry as they were all tied up in a Chocolate Tree.

    “Are we going to be peaceful?” Natacha asked again.

    Everybody then chanted “We will always be peaceful and never harm a living thing again.”

    “Good!” replied the little girl as she came up to them and had a big hug.

    Just then, Weeblee’s farmer senses were tickling. The farmer would be back from gambling is Las Vegas any minute. Yfrog knew what to do as he zapped everybody to their rightful place. Weeblee and his animals to the farm, Pengbro and Aloraz to the ice cream truck, Big Chill back to the spirit world, all the evil villains to jail, Emily to the bowling alley, Natacha to her house, and Perry to Club Penguin’s Pet Shop.

    Weeblee and his animal buddies were just sitting there as Bubbles the farmer came waddling in. “Hey guys! I am rich!!” he replied as he went into his house to count his money. All the animals then danced like they always do as Pengbro had an ice cream celebration. Everything was right in the world as Weeblee and George smiled and licked their chocolate ice cream cones.

    THE END!

    I want someone to at least respond to this comment 😦

    • August 28, 2009 2:09 PM

      u got it buddy!

  7. Bubbles permalink
    September 20, 2009 4:33 PM

    Nobody is gonna add me back so ok. I am glad I could post my first real story 😀

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