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Pengbro2’s stories

Here is were all the stories that Pengbro2 wrote go!


Book 1


Two young looking elves trekked across a barren, snowy land. They had names of course, but their focus was in the task they were assigned to. It would not be an easy task.

“We have been searching this place for the longest time. We must turn back, or find something very soon. This mission is getting difficult!” stated the angrier of the two elves. They argued about the fact that turning back may be a benefit, or a displeasure to Zorielza and Bizerrido. They also argued about the fact that no enemies could possibly lurk in these lands, or how they could hide in ditches. They finally agreed that they should continue on with the mission, until they found something out of the ordinary. This wasted time from their mission, because it was their mission: to seek out enemies.

Many uneventful hours passed, continuing to jump cracks, search for enemies, and finally, come to a deep forest. They found no path available, so they quietly entered, and listened intently for unusual movement. But then, as they passed a bush, it rustled afte them. It was strane, because no momentum winds followed them, and no winds whatsoever could make it this deep into the forest and effect only a bush. Pulling out arrows at the same time, the alert elves neared the bush, focused on two things: (a) their mission (b) what was in that bush? They waited, with arrows notched and ready, directly aimed at the bush. They waited.

After an hour of intensely watching the bush, the two elves gave up, lowering their weapons. “It must be a natural occurance?” asked one of the two elves. The other elf gazed over to the bush once more, and answered with, “It must be.” He then paused, re-notched and arrow, and said, “Just to be sure though, might want to try this.” He let loose the arrow, and with making contact of the bush, it stopped dead. Twang!

But then, an earsplitting screech from within the bush toppled over the two elves. The ground beneath them rumbled, as it ready to quake, and then brewed hundreds of soldiers clad in sand and what must have used to be green armor.

“Well,” said one of the elves “We found them.” The other elf got up, and looked at the many armed warriors in a circle around them and the bush.

“Yes we did,” he agreed. “But they found us too.”

The Warriors were watching the two elves as closely as the two elves were watching the bush. They must have been waiting for the two elves to make the first move, for they stood motionless like statues. If they were to even murmur, hundreds of arrows would be let loose from the trees above them, and many swords would draw near, and strike.

The two elves quickly decided that they would link minds, so they could contact each other when in need. It was a rather foolish thing to consider, because they would always be in need of each other, anywhere they were.

With two arrows notched in each of their bows, the two elves aimed at four soldiers with large weapons ever slowly. Letting loose the arrows, every soldier’s head slowly turned to watch four of their soldiers pierced deeply. The four soldiers fell to the ground, and heads were slowly turned back to the main targets. The battle had begun.

The second before the first step of the soldiers, and the first fire of the archers seemed like an hour. Everything had entered slow motion, and the elves were trapped inside of it too. The two elves noticed their surroundings: The grass was fresh green, as if it had been cut, and tampered with natural magic from Elves and Fairies. The trees grew strong, bold, large, and could seat many elves, soldiers, and enemies. This is just what those trees were used for. A rock was sitting alone, in the ground, near the soldiers. Until when, time snapped, and it was buried deep, and forgotten forever.

The soldiers had started charging at the two elves. Notching another two arrows each, the elves quickly laid down many soldiers. Then, as their arrows diminished (which happened very soon), both of the elves pulled out their staffs and yelled, “Plantema (see the Elf Spellbook at the end)!” The trees theb shook their mighty branches free of the soldiers who had attempted to kill the elves. when they hit the ground, they were slowly turned into dirt, which the grass ate. Despite of this, the other soldiers marched onward towards them, without much fear of what might happen next.

The two elves ended the spell, and couldn’t figure out what to do next. They were almost powerless from all of the energy that they used, controlling the plants. It was no use. The soldiers were feet away, and they were about to strike–

Until a boming voice from far above yelled at the ground below, taking no effect on the elves, but terrifying the soldiers immensely. It said in the Ancient Elven Toung, where nothing was spoken, unless it was a spell. “Zelnyth Unbigry! Una Blagha Yotua Nah! Jorymodur Lynithy Zorielza Enbrigar!”

The world then went dark. All that was to be heard was the screaming of frantic soldiers, whom by their own fear, were slaughtering eachother. The two elves lay motionless, under the bush.

It was then, when the light shone again, only a couple warriors stood. To the North, a great thunderstorm drifted away, flashing on and off. The elves crawled out from their bush, the backs of the soldiers to them. One of the elves picked up her staff, and muttered under her breath, the untellable spell, “Dejarralynru!” The thhe soldiers dropped down to the ground, never to get up again.

The Elves looked around, frowning at the pitfull mess. He picked up his staff, and calmly said, “Pyzeira” Which cleaned up things instantly. The bodies turned to dirt, the trees went back to normal, the grass, green and growing. Everything that had happened since they trekked across that barren land, only many hours ago, seemed like an eternity. The two elves then picked up their arrows, cleaned their belongings, and said, “Felzrag” which shot them into the sky.


Chapter 1

The call of the Dragons

It was not long before the two elves arrived back in their Kishrylmian home. From above, it was impossible to tell where the base was, unless you had been living there and studying the hills for years. The two elves dropped lightly on the ground, ending their spell, but using another incantation, “Zeylynaria” which turned them invisible to any unfriendly eyes.

The hill to which their destination was was a larger hill, with a small forest at its peak. This was common, because at the peaks of other hills, small woods were too. But the destination of the now invisible elves was not there. The forest however, was the Palace of a hidden elf city, Zo Anyuy Yhazh, which meant, ‘Freedom Land’. The destination of the two elves was to a small rock at the foot of the hill which read, “Zadyzhelreymylyn, Kishrylimian.” which meant, “If you aren’t an elf, we can tell”.

This was not anything to be worried about. The two elves placed their flippers on the rock, then said simply, “Poof Poof!” And then, before they could open their eyes, they stood in an ancient hall, filled with Kishrylimi on their own businesses. This was of course, inside of the hill, where many Worker Elves pointed wands and staffs at the unfinished walls, and muttering spells that would either carve out the wall, or make part disappear, so they could finish it. Looking around this hall was truly amazing.

Other than the high arches, the hall had stone walls, and had plants and trees growing in many places. It was an underground elf Metropolis. But this wasn’t truly what it was. It was actually a hidden underground base that belonged to the E.A. (Elves Allied). The rulers of the E.A. were Zorielza, a fair, beautiful lady, who listened to the good of the people, and Bizerrido, a hardy, strong elf, that controlled the Armed Forces of the E.A., and did a fine job. His position was never in this place, even though his throne was there, next to Zorielza’s.

As the elves teleported into the hallway, they opened their eyes to see many pen– guin/elves gathered around the Main Temple. That place was a whole different story. The elves charged, frantic, towards the crowd, nervous of what may meet them when they arrive.

* * *

Zorielza sat in the Main Temple of her hidden Headquarters under the hill. It rose twice as high as the halls branching off to other wings of the Base. On a normal day, Worker Elves would attempt to perfect this place, but they never did, because there would always be a crack or crevice somewhere, too small to see from below, but easily noticeable from their point of view. Plants grew off of walls (typically trees), their roots clinging to the soil of the hill outside of the wall. The trees still grew up towards the ceiling, creating a balcony of green for young flying creatures, like birds–or fairies. But no Fairies existed in the E.A., simply because it was named the E.A. for Elves Allied.

Also along the walls were Balconies from upper and classified floors, where only some were permitted to enter. These places usually had a password, or action, to prove you were authorized. The doors alone to those balconies, all the same, were magnificent–even if you look at them every day. The final thing to point your attention to is the air-holes near the roof. Invisible to any unfriendly things, these air-holes were large enough to dapple sunlight throughout the room.

Zorielza wished she could pay attention to the picturesque architecture of her temple, but however hard she tried, her eyes were focused on something much more important. Before her, a Kazerreshrida Dragon, named Drizeirriviye, looked at her intently, waiting for her response. Drizeirriviye was an old childhood friend of Zorielza, and they had often played in the forest near the edge of her cottage.

“I grow tired of waiting for your response, Zorielza. You have either agreed or disagreed with the Dragons. What is your answer?” Drizeirriviye snarled. Zorielza gazed off into space, pondering the question yet again. Drizeirriviye would soon tire of waiting, and explode through the hill, and ruin what was never finished. “Let me repeat the question, Zorielza. Will you, or will you not help us by allowing us in the E.A.?” Zorielza then weighed the odds. It was mostly against her. The Elf guards at her sides were trying to remain firm, and ready for any action, but were actually worried about whether this Dragon, Drizeirriviye, would eat them or not. They had shaky words, and tried to look beyond the Emrald Dragon. The odds were mostly against her, even if she decided to allow the dragons in the E.A.

Just then, her most trusted client, Sojarzhree appeared at her side. Zorielza tired of considering an answer. It was time for action. “Drizeirriviye, I have come to an answer. However it may be effecting your Dragon species, I will allow you to join the E.A.!” The satisfaction upon Drizeirriviye’s face caused Zorielza to sit down. Her client remained standing, facing her, oblivious to what was happening around her, including the Dragon.

“Zorielza, if you have just accepted the Dragon’s invitation to join the E.A., two main things need to happen. The first thing, is, the Dragons will need a place to live. I will order as many workers (under your permission) to get working on a hallway to where the Dragons will lie. I have a few ideas.” She then pulled out a pad of elven paper, which showed the terrain of the Dragon Cave, and how it should be laid out.

She saw that the picture, started with a drawing of the Main Temple, Branhing off into yet another long hallway, which slowly lost its beauty, and turned into a rough, dragon cave the sloped down steep. The dragons of course, would have to eventually dive down, beause the drop turned into a cliff, and the hallway led down into a dark, hot, spring that the Dragons could breed and train in.

“Also, Miss Zorielza,” Sojarzhree continued, “The name must no longer be the E.A., but the E.D.A., for ‘Elves, Dragons, Allied.’ That is a simple change, and I could get workers to start on the hallway right away. Shall I?” Zorielza wa amazed at how quick Sojarzhree was, and nodded her head.

“I agree with that. You must start work soon if Drizeirriviye is to gain his species,, and bring them here. I suggest you start now.” Zorielza said. With that, Sojarzhree pulled out her wand, said “Poof Poof!” and was there no more.

* * *

Zorielza was now in sight, and the two elves watched as the Dragon lay down, and watched as a client of Zorielza appeared at her side, and showed her a sheet of paper, a drawing most likely, and then disappeared as Zorielza nodded her head. The crowd then thinned, and went off to their own tasks, by flying over the Dragon, or just walking around. Zorielza looked impressed with herself as the two elves approached, dropping to their knees with walking up the steps.

“Miss Zorielza, we have returned from your mission, with news. Good and bad news.” the two elves looked at Zorielza expectantly, as if she were to say something. She stayed silent, watching the two elves, waiting for them. “This news,” said an elf, “Is bad. We have found the location of an Army. Here on this map, is where they are located.” He pulled out a large map, and showed her a red dot that moved slightly every few mnutes, toward a target, which was where they were. Zorielza nodded, and then asked, “What is the good news?” The two elves said, “we destroyed part of them with a spell you taught us when we were young. Plantema. The warriors were deterioratedby the grass, and shaken violently off by the trees. They fell to their dooms.”

Zorielza had no emotion on her face, but the normal, serious, focused look, on the map, where the dot again moved a tiny bit closer to the target.


Chapter Two

As soon as Zorielza told Sojarzhree to order workers to start work on a lair for the dragons, hundreds of worker elves appeared instantly, and made measurements of all of the other hallways, then marked out an outline for the new part. Zorielza gazed at them, wondering how they could possibly do it in great enough speed, so the dragons could return to a home.

Zorielza watched the elves for a while as they started to use spells, such as “Zegro!” and “Lymyneyla!” which melted and crumbled the wall almost immediately. The two elves were among the people watching the construction, gazing curiously at what will be a new hallway.

Minutes later, the worker elves each found a small indent in the wall, stuck their wands inside, and all yelled at the same time, “Thingema!” The wall then disappeared, and was transported to over a rather large volcano, dropped, and was never considered again.


The two elves walked down the large stairs that surrounded Zorielza’s throne. The sunlight beamed down on them. Taking the opportunity, both of the two elves took out of their packs, two veils that were made from glass, and could reflect anything within them, including darkness, until freed. This time though, the two veils were filled to the brim with sunlight, and then stored back into their leather pouches, inside of their packs. Even isolated within the leather, a strange glowing emmited from the two elves’ packs.

But then, elves from all over started to fly towards many worker elves, constructing what seemed like, a new hallway. The great blank stone that used to be was now filled with an outline of a hallway, perfectly symmetrical to the others. It was not long before the two elves pulled out their wands, and yelled, “Felzrag!” and flew over to the commotion.

From a distance, it looked amazing. But when flying towards it, you would realize that the worker elves were very precise with their work. You could practically see beads of sweat rolling down their necks, from far below. When the two elves arrived, every soul in the E.D.A. was confused, and had made up many rumours about what would be in there. From very far above, children who had escaped the throng played ‘King Of The Tree’ and were shoving each other off of the green platforms, only to fly up again, then start a new round.

But then, all went silent when the worker elves engraved their wands into the wall. Even the children turned their attention to the great outline of worker elves, drilling their wands into the stone.

At long last, the worker elves yelled at the exact same time, “Thingema!” and the wall was no more.


Drizeirriviye shimmered in the clear blue sky as the sunlight reflected off of his many scales. He had no mind to look for food; he had eaten yesterday, and eating would slow him down greatly. If he was to gain the trust of his species, much work would have to be done. He had a few ideas…

But, keeping his eye on the sky ahead, he noticed a great thunderstorm that boomed in the sky. It was miles high, and across. He would have to gain a steep altitude if he were to navigate through this giant. He considered this, until he realized that the storm had been coming towards him at the same speed he flew towards it.

Without thinking, Drizeirriviye jumped up a steep 90 degrees, and watched as the border of the storm, miles below, engulfed any view of the ground. He watched before him, as he saw a shadow leap out of the cloud, and dive back in. It was very odd, because as he passed over it, the shadow leaped out again, and spread out mighty wings, eyes on Drizeirriviye’s tail.

‘This will end only in slowing me down if I stay to be valiant. If I pass this storm, then the shadow will not have any power.’ thought Drizeirriviye. He grinned, and shot forward, fast as he could, clasping his wings over his belly. He flew faster than a speeding bullet, maybe three times faster than the cloud.

But behind im, the shadow took full form of a dragon, but grew every second in speed, and size. The dragon before him had not a chance. But even as he thought this, the Dragon before it kicked hard off of the sky, and wrapped its wings around its body, shooting it twice as fast. Redoubling its efforts, the shadow dragon soon gained speed, and was ready to eat the dragon whole, because of its size.

Drizeirriviye soon realized that the shadow dragon had obviously slowed down, giving up on its prey. This was, actually what happened (sort of). The shadow dragon dove down into the cloud, and was gaining fast in speed, but not in size. Drizeirriviye was right above where it was.

Startling Drizeirriviye, the shadow dragon leapt out of the cloud, ready to eat. Drizeirriviye, who was frightened by the size of the dragon, used his wings to drop down, close to the cloud. The shadow dragon flew above, then split equally into three of itself. They roared at the same time, and dove straight into the maw of what the cloud truly was, Drizeirriviye just in front of them.

By the time Drizerriviye had entered the depths of the cloud, he was completely windswept. If he was to get his kind to the E.D.A., he would have to find a way out of the cloud-now. He stopped, noticing that his path ended there. Behind him, the cloud was closing in on him. He had one choice: head straight up.

‘I shall not live to see my family and friends again!’ he sobbed.Then, with his pathway blocked behind him, he swept his mighty wings and shot far above, in seconds, out of the cloud. He was free.

Breathing a swirling gust of flames, Drizeirriviye flew much higher, as the conquerer of the sky.

He flew many miles, day and night, manuevered through thick and thin, and finally, caught a glimpse of a mighty cloud, miles above, that was stationary, and had not moved for hundreds of years. Flying around the cloud, he saw many Kazerreshrida, as himself, peacefully flying through the thin air. He had finally arrived in his birthplace, Dratahzhro, also the birthplace of every single Emerald Dragon, as himself.

Landing on the cloud, Drizeirriviye walked lightly across the cloud, towards a temple made of the thickest cloud, to where his father, Krishmazhra lived. Drizeirriviye noticed the prestige design in the coud, never moving, never changing. It was simply a great, empty, temple.

“Hello son,” said Krishmazhra, his expression unchanged by his heir’s return. “You are troubled. Something big has happened, and I must know what it is.” “Immidiately.” he added. Krishmazhra was incredibly intelligable, and could practically read the mind of any living thing. He had mastered Elf, Wizard, and fairy magics.

“Hello father,” replied Drizeirriviye. “I am fine, I just ask for the throne of Dratahzhro early.” His father looked at Drizeirriviye, smirking.

“Are you sure that is all you want?” asked Krishmazhra. “I think not. Zadyzhelreymylyn!” he exclaimed. Drizeirriviye felt a tickle start within his brain, and no matter how hard he tried, it only grew, urging him to tell the truth, in seconds, tears rolled down his rough face, resisting the elf spell. “I could keep this up long!” snarled Krishmahzhra. “You WILL tell me the truth. Ghondryn!” yelled his father, now using the Wizard spell. Drizeirriviye, now resisting the tickle, found a growing weakness in his legs and wings. He would sooner fall than tell the truth.

Holding up two spells at once, Krishmahzhra was impressed with his sons’ strength. He thought up finally, to use the last of the truth. “Trthdesthra!” roared Krishmahzhra, now using the fairy spell against his son. He too would soon weaken, but not sooner than to see his son lose.

Drizeirriviye then felt as if being strangled by vines. His breathing became even more so unsteady, and was about to fall when, he sensed a weakness in his father. A small hole, trying to close itself, was being torn apart at Drizeirriviye’s will. As the tickle seised, the strength in his legs and wings was slowly coming back. Then suddenly, that stopped, and he tore apart the vines he was trapped within, just to open his eyes, seeing Krishmahzhra fall. The battle of will had finished.

“I have been defeated!” cried Krishmahzhra. “I surrender to your will. Take the throne!” said his father. Then, dropping heavily down onto the cloud below, he fell through, and was never seen in Dratahzhro again.

Seeing that he had the throne, Drizeirriviye realized that he had much power, and could send scouts to find his father. But then took back his idea, by roaring the dragons to the temple.

In minutes, many lines of emrald dragons lined the edge of the cloud, ready to take off, and never come back.


Chapter Three
Work to be Done

After taking flight from the borders of Dratahzro, the emerald dragons flew in a ‘V’ formation, and were high enough to be seen from the ground as ‘a flock of free birds’


Back at the E.D.A. Headquarters though, an unexpected appearance of Zorielza’s husband, Bizerrido, had spread out. Bizerrido was indeed there, but not as a ruler or a king, but as an ‘Executive Work Officer’. From far away, you could tell the demanding figure of him immideately, without having ever seen him.

“Come now!” he yelled at the worker elves “Work is to be done! The Dragons from Dratahzro will be here by night!” Bizerrido lacked a strong vocabulary, but yet he could make any elf do right with what he had. He then pulled out a Maple wand, and yelled at the top of his lungs, “Hjoldhraen!”. This spell was a questionable spell, and questionable spells had no telling upon what they could do. But, pronounced with a small flair on the first sylable of tthe spell, a long flame issued from the tip of his wand, burning a hole in the rock, and melting a larger hole around it.

Zorielza happened to be in the depths of her underground garden, skipping gleefully with her wand held high, and saying “Mazerrquaff!” and “Plantema!”. Behind her, trees, flowers, and exotic plants were issuing from her wand.

When she reached the end of her garden, she looked around. Even with the plants, she felt empty. It was missing… something. She then simply said, “Watema Felzrag!”. And then water flew from her wand.

Below her, a quake forced her to fall over, flat on her back. Her smooth, flawless skin had now a large unappealing black lump on both of her elbows. “Pyzera!” she exclaimed, pointing her wand at the lumps. The bruises were unchanged. “Zorgibynvre, pyzera!” she then tried. Nothing happened except for elvish dust floating about her head.

Infuriated, she threw on her robe, and stormed out to her balcony; a large room near the ceiling of the hall. Looking down below her, she noticed her husband, melting a large hole in the wall. Not having known that Bizerrido had been called for, she ordered her secretary, Sojarzhree to meet her immediately.


Sojarzhree had had a very busy and uneventful day. She had been rushing around the E.D.A., searching for reliant clients to assist her in duty. After doing so for hours on end, she had ordered and found only two helpful penguins. She had told them to wait in her office until further order.

She bustled briskly in, quite furious, but not showing it on her face. The two clients had taken to napping on benches, tired of waiting for the return of more, or Sojarzhree.

“Wake up, you lazy fools!” she exclaimed. The two clients jumped up, apologized, and straightened their hats. “We have work to do. You two were the only worthy ones I could find, so if I am not impressed in your work, I do have power to order you banished.” Saying this type of thing was not in the nature of Sojarzhree, ever. She could not mean this, for it was important to have trustworthy clients on hand, ready to help.

“You two are being promoted, to my security agents. You will now need these uniforms.” Sojarzhree flicked her wand, and without muttering a word, the two elves were now dressed in Mythril suits, practically indestructable.

“I also have a job for you two,” she paused, sat down in her chair, and turned towards the agents. “We have a slight problem in our Antarctic Regions. Gather up all of the E.D.A. soldiers, and when the Dragons return, you may use them too. By the eve of the return of the elegant race, you will lead an attack, with Bizerrido, to retake that region. Until then,” she paused, “Poof poof!” and she was there no more.

This is the End of Book One, be sure to watch out for my next book, which will not necessarily be the same series. Thank you.






1. Control fire-firema (pronounced fi-ray-muh)
2. Control water-watema (pronouncer wo-tay-muh)
3. Bring good luck-zorgibynvrey (pronounced zor-gee-bin-vray)
4.Become a ghost-pyzareyu (pronouced piz-ar-ay-yoo)
5. Change color-sajomreya (pronouced suh-jom-ray-uh)
6. Become invisible-zeylynaria (pronounced zay-lin-arr-ee-uh)
7. Shoot lasers from the tip of your wand/staff-zegro (pronounced zeg-ROW)
8. Fly-felzrag
9. Reflect spells-reflyttiozra (pronounced reff-lit-ee-ozz-ra)
10. Teleport-poof poof- This spell was invented by Bgn98 and Waddles1050.
11. Change your appearance-chazarey (pronounced chaz-uh-ray)
12. Change weather-wenaezerra (pronounced wen-ay-zerr-uh)
13. Control animals-anema (pronounced an-ay-muh)
14. Control plants-plantema (pronounced plant-ay-muh)
15. Control inanimate objects-thingema (pronounced thing-ay-muh)
16. Make someone tell the truth-zadyzhelreymylyn (pronounced zad-i-zhell-RAY-mill-in)
17. ??????????-dejarralynru (pronounced dej-arr-uh-lin-ROO)
18. Melt things- lymyneyla (pronounced lim-in-ay- luh)
19. Fix things-pyzeira (pronounced pizz-ay-ruh)
20.Light the tip of your wand/staff- zebiralziniyo tezibezhra kezibirelle (pronounced zeb-i-rall-zin-i-YO, tez-eeb-ezh-ruh, kez-ib-eer-ell!) This spell originated in Zalirrachia, where spells are usually made in sentences or phrases instead of single words.
21.Cure Elven illnesses- zavrioterrzlyn (pronounced zav-ree-oh-terr-zlin) This spell is VERY difficult. It can only be performed by elves who have very strong Elf Magic powers.
22. Grow trees-mazerrquaff (pronounced MAY-zer-QU-off)
23. ???????????-hjoldhraen (pronounced [first syllable a ‘j’ in spanish]-old-erain)
24. Summon the Storm of Zorielza-zelnyth unbigry! Una blagha yotua nah! Jorymodur lynithy Zorielza enbrigar! (pronounced ZEL-nith OON-big-rie! OON-uh BLAH-gah yo-TU-uh nah! JOE-rye-mu-door LIE-nith-EE Zor-ee-EL-zuh un-breg-ARE!) This is one the most complicated and important spells of E.D.A. training. It was invented by Zalirrachia the Wise, and was treasured as a secret until used in the call of war against the Confederate Penguins.



Concerning Elves…

The Elves are a wise, bold, and stealthy race. They usually live in the canopies of trees, hidden from view, or they sometimes live in log cabins, like Zorielza the Forgiving. They eat no meat, but they are one with plants, and seek new life.

Without harming themselves or anything around them, the elves forage for acceptable homes, almost isolating themselves from other species that may blunder about.

The Elves allied with Fairies, for they too attempt to become one with nature (more on fairies in the future). They have lived peacefully in certain forests together (such as the Dapplelight Canopy, the Moonlight Tree, and the Maple Leaf Grove). Some elves prefer to avoid dragons, but some elves sprout young curiousity. Famous elven peacemakers are Azeldruen the Mighty, Kuthman the Brave, and Yoturas the Solemn.

Elves have long, lean bodies that tower over smaller creatures, such as gnomes, Fairies, and such. Their ears are keen, and come to points at their peaks. The garments they wear very well resemble their home climate, whether that is a house, or a forest. Green is a very common and famous color.


Kelli gets most of the credit for the spells and the concerning elves


Kelli/Zaeriuraschi 11098: Thanks. The spells I didn’t invent are Poof Poof, Mazerrquaff, zelnyth unbigry! Una blagha yotua nah! Jorymodur lynithy Zorielza enbrigar!, and hjoldhraen.

Also, the names Kazerreshrida, Zoriezla, Drizeirriviye, Kishrylmia, Zalirrachia, and Bizerrido were my ideas.






Language coming soon…


Book 2


Chapter One
Born into a new World

The sun rose for the first time in many months. Beaming upon them while still low in the sky, not a better day could be provided for hatching. A brilliant pallet of color lit the sky one morning very suddenly, and woke the gathering of Penguins below. The mountains casted large shadows across the bleak white ground, and at once, everyone knew – spring had arrived.

The ones to wake first were the ones hit most directly – the males. Staring groggily into the face of spring, they closed their eyes and prayed to the Penguin God of Mercy, whose name was Nyloth. Then, stretching their flippers (and yawning), a chain reaction of waking was activated. Soon everyone was shaking with excitement, hoping that their eggs would hatch to this brilliant day.

The snow glittered as brightly as the sun, undisturbed over many months. A few penguins sang joyful songs of birth and life, while others were so petrified by the news to do much except stare blankly at the snow before them. But a spontaneous squawk was issued from a female penguin. She had attracted quite a crowd, some murmuring excitedly. Mostly the same things were said: “–The first of the year! Looks built for tobogganing from over here–” or “–I wonder if it’s going to Penguin Academy–” or occasionally, “–I’ll give you my house for that chick!–”. Everyone was so distracted, no one noticed as other eggs hatched.

But none were more careful or watchful over their eggs than Linnea. She had grown addicted to stare at it expectantly every ten seconds. While doing so, she had learned already a few things about her baby. It was going to be larger than the others at birth, for the egg size was quite large, even for a penguin! Her baby was going to be strong, for the eggshell was tough. In order to achieve birth, it would also have to be intelligent, for breaking from such an egg would require wisdom, different from other chicks.

She would always remember what her nurturing teacher at Penguin Academy said on the final day of term: “Now class, since you will not likely see me again, I want to inform you of one last thing; when you do lay eggs, I want you to remember this: If however much the baby chick cries and struggles to get its beak out of the egg makes you apt to help, turn your back immediately to the egg. You may find it as the cruelest form of punishment you could imagine, but the chick must first prove it is worthy to live, before truly living.”

She looked up to her neighbor, whose egg had successfully hatched, and was being welcomed into outstretched arms. It was a Chinstrap penguin, like its parents, but had a slight orange tinge to its belly. She took a deep breath, looked at her egg, and continued to do so into the night.

By 10:00, she was asleep, but some others weren’t. Her friend from school, Eve, was holding her breath as two baby penguins poked their heads out of eggs. The father had his chest puffed out, proud. The mother looked down its black beak into the eyes of her children.

“What shall we name them?” she whispered ecstatically to her husband. The husband, chest still puffed out, was thinking. You could tell this not only because he wobbled unsteadily every few seconds, but also because his eyes went out of focus, as if he were passing out.

Recovering from his trance, he puffed his chest out again. “I shall name the boy after my father, Daniel.” He was a proud penguin, and nothing could ruin this moment for him. “He is built as I am, for sports and athletics. I will teach him Tobogganing in a few days.” Eve looked at him, as if to say, “Daniel shouldn’t be taught Tobogganing that early!” but didn’t.

“I shall name the girl after my mother then,” she said, sticking to the method of naming that her husband had chosen. “Thus named Sandra.” she added to the blank expression of her husband. “Nothing could ruin this moment for us, honey. Let’s show them the sky.”

The sky was indeed glowing, glowing many lights in a spectrum of all colors. When the infants had opened their eyes, this was the first thing they saw. The parents had been standing side by side behind them, gazing dreamily into eachother’s eyes.


The next day, Eve waddled over to Linnea accompanied by her two infant children. Sandra was leaning on Eve for support, and fell over every time she tried to waddle herself. Daniel however, was only occasionally leaning for support. He was waddling slowly, side by side with his father. “Little tyke,” the father chortled as Daniel fell over.

Linnea looked very hurt when the two infants found the unhatched egg. Sandra slid herself along on her belly, while Daniel waddled slowly. They looked at it as if it were a toy, and expected it to do something when they touched it. That was not how it worked out, though.

Sandra was teaching herself to waddle, while Daniel found a small snow bank to slide down. He hit a small bump and rose a foot into the air, only to fall down again.

“Hello, Linnea.” greeted Eve, tilting her beak to the ground. “You probably haven’t met my husband yet, have you?” she paused, pointing out her husband. “His name is Theodore, Theo for short. Everyone calls him that because his real name is unbearable to say in front of a crowd.” she giggled as Theo cocked his head towards them.

Linnea waved to Theo, who waddled over, then bowed his head too. “My mate is over there, collecting supplies for our igloo.” she said, pointing to a large penguin, with an orange tip on his beak. “His name is Louis. Quite a knowledgeable penguin if you ask me, we met in nurturing class at Penguin Academy. He knows how to raise and support a family, which is all I want from a male. Everyone expects the women to do the work, but I disagree. We split it equally among each other.”

After introducing everyone to each other, they talked about supporting a family. Theo just nodded all the time, as if to agree with every word Linnea said. He even nodded if Eve disagreed with something Linnea had said. Linnea learned to ignore this, for she had been interrupted by a fit of giggles from Eve quite a few times. Theo, tired from nodding his head, just stood there silently until the talk was over.

Eve rounded up her children and left around noon, according to the position of the sun. As Linnea stood over the egg, Louis had started building the iced walls of the igloo. A few layers had been done when night had fallen. A curtain of darkness fell over the sky, and no lights shone tonight.


Early the next morning, she was fed by Louis, standing guard firmly over the egg. Louis set off to work on the igloo again, when Linnea felt an uncomfortable tremble between her flippers. Startled, she stepped back. The egg was wobbling around, very slowly, stopping, then starting again.

She watched in awe as the egg trembled and split into a small crack at the top. Branches of cracks spurted around, in every direction and then stopped dead.

No movement. Linnea felt a tear form in her eye after watching the egg for almost five minutes. The egg was almost open, but would never open, due to miserable fate – never. She thought this for a long while, beads of tears streaming past her beak, staining she ground gray. Louis was concentrated on his work until he saw this.

Jumping into the igloo, he watched in horror as the egg was motionless.

But suddenly, like the crack of a gun, bang! The egg exploded into hundreds of shards, revealing a baby Chinstrap Penguin, not a foot tall. Its beak (like its father) had an orange tinge to it, and (like his mother) had a small yellow ring around the base of its beak.

“Beep!” It said excitedly. Linnea watched it, still in thought that it was dead. But the wait was over. Linnea would never again be horrified by the thought that she was not a mother. She was, and was as proud (or prouder!) as Theo had been two nights ago (though she was not there).

Louis looked at in daze. “It has the features of both of us, and look! He (assuming it’s a boy, of course) has a little feature all to himself: his tail is a lighter gray than ours!” Louis was so excited, he even hopped around to see it (as if there was a large crowd before him).

“That is not a unique feature,” replied Linnea, sighing. “He is just dirtied up from the egg. He looks like he could use some preening.” (“Beep!” exclaimed the baby) she grabbed the baby’s flipper (“Come here, you!” she said), and started on its coat.

An hour later, Louis returned with the bricks of ice, working on the wall. “We should name it soon, so that it learns its name upon hearing. How about something like Griffen?” he suggested.

“Griffen,” replied Linnea through a beakful of preened feathers. “Beautiful. Amazing. After all, what could possibly be a better soul to name after the Penguin God of Hope?”

Chapter Two
The Tobogganing Invitation

Tobogganing is the prefered sport of all penguins. It is where two penguins race down an icy slope on their bellies, trying to avoid obstacles. The first one to get to the bottom is the winner. Or, there is also a different style called “Trick Racing”. Trick Racing is where one penguin races down the slope by him/herself, trying to do as many tricks as possible before he/she reaches the bottom.


A month and a half later, a Mail Penguin lugging a large sled along came into the village, through an endless blizzard that had been happening for at least a week. His curious face pointed out that he had not known about or ever considered knowing about this town until asked to deliver a letter or two. Unable to find his destination, he told the adult penguin at the Arctic Inn to post a large Notice about Scholarships to Penguin Academy outside their door. The Mail Penguin left the town, hoping his next destination was not far away.

When the adolescent penguins came out to play the next day (the blizzard had passed), they saw the post on the Inn Wall, surrounded by almost twenty excited penguins. Griffen, Matthew and Sandra nudged their way though the crowd, close enough for Sandra to read out Loud:

Tobogganing Tournament

Have you ever wanted to be noticed by many other Penguins on a Tobogganing slope? Have you ever wanted to break World Records,
and be the all-time Champion of Tobogganing History? Well, this
is where you start! Meet on Speed Rush Hill, Saturday at Noon.

You will be judged by a professional Tobogganer, and will have a chance
attend an exclusive school, free of charge if you win Grand Prize!

So get out on the hill today and start Practicing!
Jackson Frost
Jackson Frost: Captain of Team Antarctica and Head Judge

Penguins looked at it over and over again, reading the best parts over and over again. Sandra was excited about the Exclusive School thing, while Daniel and Griffen kept on babbling excitedly about the signature on the form.

“Jack Frost is like…” started Daniel in awe as they waddled towards the Tobogganing slope.

“The best.” interrupted Griffen. “Jack has it all. He might as well have created Tobogganing he is so good.”

“Yeah, but there are a few others getting pretty good, too.” said Daniel. (“Like… who?” Griffen and Sandra asked in unison) “Well, there is um…” his voice trailed off. “Me.” he said very quietly. Griffen tossed his head back and laughed. Sandra looked like she was about to, but didn’t say anything. After about ten more minutes of talking about Tobogganing, they reached the slope.

Nobody could have guessed that there was a Tobogganing Slope if you looked at it from the village (which was uphill from the Course). It was simply a steady slope (45 degrees) that was between two walls of ice. The ice overlooked and surrounded the slope. Even at the bottom there was a cliffside!

The hill was almost a half mile long, short for a Tobogganing Slope in many measures. Sandra looked at it excitedly, and started chorusing facts about its past: “When the colonists came to settle in our village, they found this slope here, but were startled by its appearance. Nobody knows whether it was due to nature, but some have theories. One of them is…” (“Race you to the bottom of the hill.” challenged Daniel quietly. “You’re on.” replied Griffen) They leapt off of the top of the hill, laughing at Sandra (who was glaring at them).

Because of the snow, the Track was a bit slow. Regardless, they dodged small Drop-offs and obstacles (such as ice blocks). Daniel had been trained not a week into his life, and was swiftly and majestically dodging the obstacles, show off by doing Barrel Rolls and Skua Strikes (a move where the user does a Human Corkscrew in the air). Griffen assumed that he would eventually hit and break something, but he was wrong. Daniel was going to that Exclusive School.

When night fell upon them, Griffen told Daniel and Sandra “I’ll see you in the morning.” They left, and Griffen practiced deep into the the night.


Saturday came, as quick as the blizzard had a week before. Penguins were excitedly speaking about Tobogganing, Jack Frost, other famous Toboggan racers and things in that matter. Daniel and Griffen had gotten up around 3:00 that morning to prepare for a few hours before breakfast. Daniel had not seen what Griffen had been practicing late into the nights, as Griffen wanted to surprise him at the Tournament. But the urge to tell him about them and brag was equally overwhelming. In the end, he decided to open his beak only to say “Good Morning” or “Good Luck”.

They had a breakfast at Griffen’s Igloo. Sandra, Daniel and Griffen asked for small portions, only enough for fuel them in the tournament. They were more talkative over breakfast, talking about Jack Frost again.

“I bet,” started Daniel proudly. “That whoever wins the Grand Prize will also have his Autograph, as a courtesy of excellence. I could probably sell it for a mansion.”

“Yes,” replied Sandra dreamily. “A mansion would be quite nice. To imagine having a large Library to read in…” (“Or maybe, an indoor Tobogganing course!” exclaimed Griffen) Sandra looked angrily at Griffen and spent the rest of Breakfast in silence.

“Come on, Sandra.” persuaded Griffen. “Just imagine it. The whole reason you are excited about this school is because of Tobogganing. You could probably get a Library, too.”

“I think that you are all fanatics of this Jack Frost guy, and should give him a break.” said Linnea from the counter. “Imagine what a predicament it would be to have fame! You couldn’t even have privacy in a bathroom!”

Even Sandra gaped at her. Linnea turned a violent red and went back to sculpting, mumbling things like “–Should’ve had ‘em eat somewhere else…”. And with that obstacle out of the way, they continued talking about Jack Frost.

Around 10:00, a flurry passed over the village. This angered Daniel and Griffen, because they were practicing on the track before the new snow.

“I’m going out there.” said Griffen, leaving the house in a hurry. Daniel and Sandra nodded to each other, then thanked Linnea for breakfast and left. When they got to the course, Griffen was coming back up the course. He had noticed that Jack Frost was there, but wasn’t noticed himself.

All the better for a surprise. thought Griffen, smirking. Fanatics were lining the cliff sides of Speed Rush. They were babbling in a most excited manner, pointing to Jack in front of a small ice deck at the cliff over the end of the course. The adolescents were trash-talking each other. Griffen went to the end of the line, then listened to their skirmish.

“Oh yeah?” said a penguin he had never seen on the course before. “I have been practicing all day and all night since the sign was posted!” But he went silent as everyone did at the boom of noise from the other cliff.

“I will let you all know that the time now is approximately noon.” said Jack Frost. “I will repeat myself in that the contest works as such: Every adolescent over there will perform his or her best moves on this course while quickly moving along. I expect to see as many of these things as possible: majestic moves, speed, and out of the ordinary. The one with the most of the three wins.” he paused. “The school you would be admitted to is called Penguin Academy. It is one of the most fine schools I have ever visited, and is also where I learned to Toboggan! These youngsters may turn out better than me one day! Please give them a hand!” The crowd roared with applause. Over one thousand penguins were watching, some from this town, and most from foreign places. Griffen could see Linnea and Eve, right up front on the cliffside, clapping and crying with joy.

“Also, please note that the Grand Prize winner will also receive a copy of my Autobiography, signed by me! It would not seem likely that I be a writer, too. Back to the subject, though! The first and second Runner-ups will also receive admittance to Penguin Academy, and will receive my autograph and best wishes. (more thunderous applause) Before I bore you with all of this talk, I would like to present you with our first contestant, Abigail!”

The crowd exploded into spontaneous cheers, such as “Lets go, Abigail *clap, clap, clap clap clap*” With one last wave to her fans, she looked nervously down, and sped off with her eyes closed.

Chapter Three
The Speed Rush Tournament

Abigail, despite her anxiety at the peak of the slope, did incredibly well. She narrowly missed a rock that had jutted out of the snow, and appeared to have cut herself landing roughly off of a jump. Jackson Frost made excellent commentary, watching her every move, and almost knowing what she would do next.

“She is almost at the bottom…” he said. (“OH!” said all of the penguins when she cut herself. Blood was trailing in the snow behind her.) “Ouch! Abigail sticks with it even after that gruesome landing. Quite an ambitious type– and she reached the bottom!” The crowd split into a roar of applause. She waved again to the penguins watching, then stopped.

“Abigail, you will notice an ice crystal jutting out at you.” informed Jack Frost to the nervous adolescent. “Shove it in, then walk through the passage way.” She did as she was told, and sure enough, a dark tunnel drew into the ice. No one would ever notice it, for it was hidden so well. Even she looked surprised, but she tried to restrain it, like she did this every day. She waddled inside, and disappeared from sight.

Daniel was up next. Linnea and Eve almost fell off of the cliff in excitement (this wouldn’t matter, though, for they were close to the top of the hill). Daniel looked at his fans, and even though Griffen was behind him, Griffen could see a daze in him. The fans whooped and screamed and cheered approval. Daniel’s eyes were twinkling with tears as he waved. Jack Frost said a few things about Daniel. Blinking the tears out, Daniel dove off of the edge.

“And here Daniel goes!” started Jack Frost, looking at his paper for the name. “He is heading right for that rock. What the heck is he doing? And–” he caught his breath as Daniel ramped up the rock. “I can’t believe it! He uses a rock as a jump! Points for creativity, and lets see how he lands… Perfect! Amazing! He swerves the rocks, and he probably has another trick up his sleeve, because he is heading for that ice wall…” Griffen looked at Linnea and Eve, whose jaws (if penguins even have jaws) had officially dropped to the ground. Griffen turned back to Daniel.

“Daniel is really getting close to the wall, and oh my god! He kicks off of the wall, propelling himself into an ice patch, and rolling onto course as he approaches a real jump. Let’s see what he does with that…” Daniel was quickly approaching the jump, like a Skua diving onto prey. “He normally hits the jump, doing a Skua Strike in the air, which, by the way, is my favorite move.” The crowd erupted into applause as Daniel soared over the obstacles.

With a deafening crunch, Daniel landed in a heap at the bottom of the course. “Woah! That was the best performance I have ever seen, and to end it all up, a dramatic injury. I think we may have a winner!” Linnea and Eve glared at him, aghast by what they just heard. A few medical penguins dove down the hill, and had Daniel carried into the cave within five minutes.

“Nextly,” said Jack Frost, who was again looking at his paper (which was made of incredibly thin ice). “Please welcome Griffen!” Griffen stepped up to the top of the hill, looking around. He could see the many different penguins practically bursting with excitement. “Griffen was apparently one of the later penguins to hatch in this colony. Because of this, he will have an advantage in that he less heavy, providing him with a deal more speed than everyone else. And… He’s off!”

Griffen wanted to impress all of the fans, but also wanted to keep speed. Obstacles blurred past him. “And, Griffen swerves in and out of obstacles, as if he knows this course like family. He’s heading for the wall. This usually means something is wrong… What the?” A fissure appeared in the opposite wall, taking out almost a quarter of the track with an ear splitting explosion. Penguins flew (literally) across the track, tackling other observers on accident. Griffen wanted to look, but he had more important things on his mind.

“That was quite… spontaneous.” said Jack Frost, gathering his attention back to the performance. “He hits the wall and… I’ve never seen anything like this… He rides up the wall, over the obstacles!” Griffen kicked off of the wall, and caught an obstacle (an ice crystal) with his flippers, swinging around it and flying off down the track again. Jack Frost was speechless.

“I can’t really… explain what just happened…” admitted Jack Frost just loud enough for everyone to hear. “But, I can explain what’s happening now. Griffen whips down the track, with the speed advantage I pointed out, hits the same jump that Daniel did, and is now improvising a trick in midair.” Griffen was not improvising, but it seemed so to the fans. Griffen was flipping backwards, spinning rapidly in a counter clockwise direction. He had come to name this trick “The Spinny-Flippy Thingy” but was sure that Jack Frost could come up with a better name for it.

“Pulling out of the trick,” Jack Frost continued. “He does an incredible Skua Strike, plummeting straight to the snow. And…” Griffen stopped spinning as his flippers made contact. Sliding forward for a long time, he got up. “Finishes.” he added plainly. Silence filled the entire place, then noise was cranked up at once. He staggered at such the dramatic change in sound.

“Wow!” exclaimed Jack Frost. “That replaces Daniel’s performance by quite a bit! Incredible! Outstanding!” Jack Frost kept yelling words of approval until his voice could not be heard from where Griffen was in the cave. But, to Griffen’s great disbelief, he could still hear the crowd. Griffen waddled for over ten minutes, submerged in total darkness. He felt the walls next to him until he saw a glint of light far ahead of him. He saw a miniscule penguin (who was probably Daniel) almost to the light.

Griffen picked up his speed as his vision of his surroundings came to him more clearly. He was in a roughly carved cave with pure iced walls, and a floor that was the same. Before he knew it, he was Tobogganing along (which was fun because the path sloped downwards) the cave, as happy as one his age could be. He had just about killed his performance on the Tobogganing hill (which was his favorite sport), and he was again Tobogganing curiously toward a mysterious room, in a tunnel made of pure ice.

He stood up, and noticed he was standing before a solid ice wall. Remembering what Jack Frost had pointed out in order to get here, Griffen looked around for an ice crystal. He accidentally stepped on a chunk of broken ice, and the wall slid into the floor. He grabbed his flipper which was pounding in pain. “Ow!” he exclaimed, examining it.

But when he looked through the door, he didn’t believe what he saw. Columns of Corinthian Ice Columns lined the room, each unique except for the ones standing near the door. In the center of the room, Daniel was sitting uncomfortably across from Abigail, who was twitching nervously. Daniel’s arm looked terribly wounded, and was bent in an odd angle. A glow of white light shone about the room, possibly from the sky light far above them. Two medi-penguins were murmuring secrets in the corner, keeping their eyes on Daniel though.

Daniel shifted his glance to Griffen, then forced a smile. “Hey, man.” he said. “How’d your performance go?” Griffen looked around the room nervously.

“I’ll tell you later.” Griffen answered. “Where is this place, anyway?”

“I have a slight hunch that this place is right under the Town Square.” said Daniel, looking back up at the ceiling. “But for now, come and sit. We’re going to be here for a while.”

Griffen did as he was told, and plopped down into a seat right next to Daniel. Abigail was sitting on her flippers, rocking back and forth with anxiety. “Y-y-you know th-that I w-w-was n-never good with Tobogganing.” said Abigail solemnly. Her stutter made it hard to listen, because she paused and went “uh” every few words.

“I’ve been Tobogganing for as long as I can remember.” said Daniel, concentrating on his memories. “My mom, Eve, said that I came out on my belly and they had to catch me before I went too far.” (“Oh, sure.” muttered Griffen under his breath.) “How about you, Griffen? When did you start Tobogganing?” Griffen found a sudden interest at looking at the ground, then pulled together an answer.

“Well, I think it was actually you, Daniel, that taught me.” said Griffen, still looking at the floor. Lately, Daniel had been finding times to brag about his accomplishments. He shot questions at everyone, knowing that the answer would involve something to compliment himself on.

“Well, there’s nothing to be ashamed of there.” stated Daniel, grinning. He gave Griffen a pat on the back. “After all, who better to learn from than–”

Will you stop bragging for once?” fumed Griffen. “Yes! We know! You’re a better Tobogganer than I am! Just leave it at that!” Daniel looked at Griffen, surprised by what had just occurred. Another penguin waddled in curiously, examining the room.

Griffen silenced until Sandra walked in and sat next to them. She buried her face in her flippers, tears dropping.

“What happened?” asked Daniel and Griffen at the same time.

“It’s…” her voice trailed off. “I’m not going to that school.” she grumbled. “Daniel, you did great aside from your finish. Griffen, I thought I was dreaming when I saw you going. And, what was up with that avalanche?” Daniel turned to Griffen, realizing that he had not heard about Griffen’s performance. A young penguin came over to the trio.

“I can tell you what happened!” said the penguin. Griffen, Daniel, and Sandra looked at him with curious expressions. The penguin became nervous. “Well, uh. Let’s see. I saw a big bird-like creature walk into a cave before the tournament started. He was holding a rock, I think. I didn’t see him come out.” The penguin scurried away.

“Well, that helped,” said Daniel. Griffen had gotten over Daniel’s bragging.

“Yeah, well, all we know is that there will be a much more complicated Tobogganing course next year.” said Griffen, laughing.

“This isn’t funny, you guys!” said Sandra nervously. “I don’t think it was mere coincidence that the avalanche occurred when Griffen was Tobogganing.”

“Well, do you really suppose that there’s someone out there trying to do me in?” asked Griffen. “Go soak your head.” he added.

Sandra glared at him, then folded her arms, murmuring something like “He’s going to get himself killed…” Griffen gave Daniel an in-depth replay of his performance. By the time he was done, all of the contestants had come, and Jack Frost was entering. The room went silent.

“Excellent work, everyone!” he exclaimed gleefully. “I have judged the scores, gave comments, said the good things and the bad things…” he looked at Daniel. “And without further ado, let me please announce the winners!” The penguins whooped and cheered as he unrolled a piece of paper (made of ice) with the winning names on it.

“Oh, yeah.” said Jack Frost, curling up the paper again. “We should probably do this in front of the crowd.” He directed them out of the room, into the tunnel, and through a passageway that Griffen hadn’t seen before. It was a steep slope, but within five minutes, they had arrived.

The penguins had come out behind the judge’s table, and were now being line up for everyone to see. The avalanche looked terrible from here, and you could see that it stretched almost completely across the course. The thousand penguins who were observing were gazing in awe as Jack Frost pulled out the slip of paper. Griffen could see Linnea and Eve watching intently.

“Thank you, all, for coming and watching this extreme event.” said Jack Frost. “I admire these penguins’ ambition to be like myself, and I say to them, ‘Good luck!’” be beamed at the audience. “But, before I bore you (again) with all this talk, I want to present the winners!” The crowd erupted into applause.

“For first place, for excellent creativity, for the use of surroundings, and for avoiding the unfortunate disaster, (a few penguins looked at Griffen) I present to you… GRIFFEN!” The breath practically flew away from Griffen’s body. He stumbled up to the place where Jack Frost was, received a large flyer for Penguin Academy, and a signed copy of Jack Frost’s autobiography. His mind was completely blank with shock, so much, in fact, that he could barely hear the crowd. He held the book up in the air, then waved to everyone. He was patted by Jack Frost, then was told to walk directly back into the room where he was. He got patted on the back multiple times by his friends and co-adolescants. Finally, he was able to descend the tunnel. He stopped at the sound of voices:

“–I couldn’t’ve made the avalanche more on time.” grunted a low voice. “He was too fast. We could use him for the Conspiracy if we needed speed and stealthiness.”

“So, you’re meaning to tell me that we will opening the Conspiracy this year at Penguin Academy?” asked a cruel voice. “I would expect that you look into this with more meaning. They are requiring Army Training this year at the school, meaning they will be able to fight people like… us more easily.”

“Yes… I know.” said the first voice. “But, they are only beginning to require that as of this year. They will not be able to handle as much as they could if we opened it in years to come. They would be more… ready if we opened it later. We should take immediate action and shape his mind into our liking as soon as possible… before he and his friends learn.”

“I like your idea.” said the second voice maliciously. “We will report back our claims to master and get a promotion. This kid could really help us…” Griffen accidentally dropped his book.

“Quick! Someone’s coming!” hissed the first voice. And Griffen heard them no more.

Chapter Five
The Dream

Mulling over what he had just heard, Griffen walked silently back to the grand room. He set his book on the tale, and was quickly accompanied by an ecstatic Sandra.

“I just got second place!” she shrieked happily, almost falling over in excitment. “This means that we are going to Pengun Academy! Aren’t you happy?” But her expression fell when Griffen just stared blankly at her. “I’m guessing you’ll tell me later. Now where’s the food? I’m starving!” She waddled away and came back a few minutes later with a plate full of fish. Daniel waddled in next.

“Can you believe it? The irony of us three winning! I can’t believe it!” he plopped down on the other side of Griffen and opened up his form. Sandra snapped it away from him. (“Hey! That’s mine!” he said angrily)

“Griffen has something a little bit more interesting to share with us, you know.” interrupted Sandra. She tossed the form onto the floor. “I think we should listen before we just start doing our own interests.”

“Fair enough.” said Daniel glumly, folding his arms. “What is it?”

So then Griffen retold in his best memory how the conversation went. Daniel and Sandra were both asking questions, eager to learn as much as possible.

“So, didn’t I tell you that there was someone out to get him?” asked Sandra angrily to Daniel. Daniel threw up his arms.

“Hey! I just assumed that there was no reason why the avalanche occured. The track was old, anyway.” shot back Daniel.

“If you shut up, maybe I can answer your questions!” said Griffen. They both silenced and looked around. It appeared that Jack Frost was giving a speech.

“I was just waddling down, and I heard two voices: both of Skuas. I know what they sound like.”

“Who should we tell about this?” asked Sandra. Griffen thought for a while.

“We must inform the Dean of Penguin Academy, as well as the mayor of this village.” he answered. “We need to stop this Conspiracy from rising.”

“Yeah, but what if we’re too late?” asked Sandra. “I mean… when a Skua is sighted, penguins are frightened out of their wits and will do literally anything to avoid being killed. What if the Conspiracy has already gathered enough members to begin, and we’re too late to stop the cause?”

“We can’t be…” said Griffen quietly. “This Conspiracy sounds big, and how they talked about it, the plan was only just starting to be formed. Something this big takes a lot of penguins to make it work. We need to potentially start an army to end this… before the Conspiracy rises.”

He could then hear many flippers pounding down the tunnel. “We’d better just be quiet… for now.” As soon as he said this, Jack Frost led in the other adolescants, quickly followed by every observer of the tournament. Everyone was soon standing practically shoulder to shoulder, except Daniel, Sandra and Griffen, who were lounging comfortably around the table. Until four penguins sat down next to them.

“Excellent work, Griffen!” said Linnea and Louis, who sat right next to him. “I’m so proud of you! You get to go to the prefered school for all penguins! How does that make you feel?” Eve and Theo were congratulating Daniel and Sandra, hugging them both tight and expressing herself in full account.

“I feel… glad that I get to go with Daniel and Sandra, sad because I have to leave almost all year for three years running, nervous because this is all new to you and me–”

“This isn’t all new.” said Linnea, interrupting. “I went there, too. But I see you are in a knot of emotions right now, and I’m positive that Daniel and Sandra feel the same way. How about a sleepover tonight as my treat?”

“Sure!” said Griffen quickly. “Let’s take Daniel and Sandra home with us after this!”

“I’m not sure that that is how I meant to put it. They probably want some quality time with their parents, too.”

“I agree. Sorry, Griffen.” said Louis. “But, we can take a look at that form before they come.”

“We’ve already got it set up.” said Linnea, blushing.

“I can’t look at this form until tonight.” said Griffen, gathering all of his will power.

“Well then, may we see it?” asked Linnea, holding out her flipper.

“Sure.” answered Griffen, dropping all of his winnings onto it. (“Oh!” said Linnea, staggering under the weight of the autobiography.)


That night, Daniel and Sandra arrived with nothing but the forms they were given from Jack Frost. It was dark already, so Linnea told them to go to sleep. Nonetheless, they talked for a while about the school:

“I can’t wait until term starts!” exclaimed Sandra. “There is a Library there that is bigger than this house multiplied in size five times!”

“I also bet the three Tobogganing courses are going to be fun.” commented Daniel with a wink.

“I haven’t even looked at my form yet!” said Griffen angrily. “I’ll get it and see you in the morning.”

“Okay…” said Daniel and Sandra, yawning. “G’night…” And they drifted off to sleep.


Griffen stood in a large room with stalactites hanging from the ceiling. In the center of the room was a large table, lit by a brazier. The table was surrounded by about eight Skuas–no penguins. Some bones littered the floor, and boxes stood firm around the perimeter of the room. Griffen heard a familiar voice speak up–the one he had heard earlier.

“Boss… sir…” he said, bowing to a large Skua at the head of the table. “We have come to agree that this year, we should activate the Conspiracy again.” a murmur of agreement drifted about the table. “We have found that a particularly small and quick penguin is attending the school this year. He should be as clueless–if not, more clueless than the others attending the school, and–”

“We have also agreed that the past plans for this subject were unremarkably useless.” said the booming voice of the leader Skua. “We need a ‘plan b’, and none of you meatballs have done anything to support that! Get it in your peanut-sized brains that the last Conspiracy killed almost ninety percent of our forces!” He was trembling with anger, while the other Skuas appeared to be restraining the fact that they should be cowering in fear.

“Yes, sir…” said the first Skua solemnly.

“I want you each to go out and create ideas for how we will begin the new Conspiracy.” ordered the leader angrily. “Our next council will be prolonged until the Wednesday the students return to the Academy. Dismiss.”


Griffen woke with a start. What had he just seen in his dreams? Does anyone else know about the Conspiracy besides Daniel and Sandra? He had to tell somebody!


Book Three

The Capture

A Bolt of White-Hot charge emitted from the point of his blaster. Ducking behind the wall, he watched the return fire soar past his face, burying itself in the wall. He jumped out again, and shot three more blasts, killing two enemy infantry soldiers. He ducked back again, and watched three times the return fire whir where his face had just been. “There are too many of them!” he called into his comm. A dull whisper of scratching could be heard through from the other end. “Blast it,” he scolded. “I hope my transmission got through to the others.” He jumped out from behind the cover of the wall, and was blasted ten times before his finger could reach the trigger. His corpse fell to the floor, along with the clink of his weapon, next to him.

“That is only a few rebels.” stated a soldier. “There are many rebels still aboard, shall I call in a squadron for backup?” No one responded.

Then the leader turned to him. “By all means, soldier!” he yelled. “The Coercion needs to complete this task! Now follow me!” And he bravely ran ahead, turning a corner, now out of sight. The soldiers followed slowly, and were met by their leader, standing before ten more dead rebels. He again ran ahead, but was followed quickly this time. Their boss was enduring shots by blaster, and killing away with grenades and blaster at the same time when the soldiers arrived. His soldiers caught on, and shot down three more before the rebels had given up on the leader, and were shooting at the infantry.

“We’ve got another hider!” exclaimed a soldier. The rebel jumped out, and shot a few bolts. Their boss threw a grenade next to him, which burst shrapnel in every direction. The rebel fell dead on the floor. Many other soldiers slumped up against the walls, bleeding out of their mouths.

“We have completed this part of the ship.” reported their leader into the comm. “I shall further investigate into the ship with accompaniment of two soldiers. Awaiting orders, boss.” He turned off his comm. “Braxeley, Cladwell, follow me. Others, report back into base and return to your posts.”

“Aye!” responded the troops. They filed past the corner and out of the ship.

“Chhzzzzz….. This is troop 31415, does anyone copy? Chhzzzzz…..” The comm. on their belts rang. “Aye. This is Delta X on the other line. What is your status, 31415?” The leader asked into his own comm. “Chhzzzzz….. Delta X! I found the main power cord to this ship! I can count twenty rebels guarding it. Awaiting orders, sir! Chhzzzzz…..” Delta X spoke back into his comm. “Send me your coordinance! My security squad will be there.” he turned off his comm. In his helmet glasses, he could see a small diagram of the ship, with two points: where he was, and where troop 31415 was.

“Very well then. Soldiers, follow me!” Delta X yelled.


There was a fierce battle within the depths of the Main Control Room. Squads from the Coercion had invaded the ship, and were following through into here, where the ship could be taken out with one blast to the controls.

A transmission faintly bleeped into the rebel comm. system. “Chhzzzzz….. There are too many of them! *chhzzzzz* Aaaaaaah! Chhzzzzz…..” The rebels who got the message backed up to respond. “Soldier?” One of them called into his comm. “This is Halcyon 5! Where are you?” Nothing. Many times soldiers were blasted down, and many times the Halcyon advanced forward. However, no matter how many reinforcements they sent in, there were always more troops from the Coercion as well. Until hope came.

In a flurry of light, a beam slashed its way through great numbers of troops. The battle raged on, as Jedi Master Jadis took his part in the war. That was, until they met faces with a familiar fiend.

“Delta X!” roared Jadis. “You are always wherever the Coercion sends in troops. You have slashed through us. But now, this battle will commence to the death. No one will escape this time.” Doors slammed shut behind them.

“Aye, to the death it shall be!” he exclaimed ecstatically. He lifted his right arm, and a beam of light (as Jadis’s lightsaber) abruptly erupted from it. “I have been graced with a few… renovations.” His left arm was transferred into an arm cannon. “Bring it on!” he yelled.

The Coercion

On the outside of the ship, large bold words lined the sides. The ship’s unit name was the R.A.S., which stood for Rebel Assault Ship. On the top, a quote from old times bravely marked “We would rather die in honor than win by fraud”. The back was a series of compact engines lined up against one another.

Coercion troops stood in lines by the hundreds, to be sent in for duty when needed (on the outside of the ship). Occasionally, troops filed out, gave their Identification Pass to a director, then went back into proper lines for later use. The room would be silent, aside from the fact that parts of the R.A.S. were constantly being destroyed, and screams of rebels echoed about. The Coercion troops were silent, each holding a blaster in their right hand, crossed over their heart.

“Coercion troops 34241 through 34251 enter the R.A.S. under supervision of Commander 413.” the intercom of the hanger rang. An honorary soldier (or ‘commander’) stepped out of his place, and was followed by a line of ten Coercion troops They marched in order through the door, and disappeared around a corner.


Back inside of the ship, it was all but quiet. Red lights blared, alarms rang, and dead soldiers from both sides lined the floors. As you got further inside of the ship, you could hear blasters shooting, and thumps of large measure in the walls and above.

“Chhzzzzz….. Find all hostile Halcyon troops, and bring them off alive. Set blasters to phase. Chhzzzzz” The COMs. on all active Coercion troops said. With a button simply pressed, all blasters were instantly shooting phase rays. Troops dropped to the floor, to be carted off by three or four troops (depending on the situation) from the Coercion. Halcyon troops blasted plasmatic charges, still killing.

Even with the By-Minute Death Percentage Rating severely dropping, the amount of By-Minute Troop Losses still rose. Unconscious Rebels were being thrown into a Prison Bay Transport, and would awake to find themselves alone in a room not four feet tall. Eventually, even Delta X came from the ship, followed by almost ten troops surrounding Jedi Master Jadis at gunpoint. Jadis was not unconscious, but he allowed the troops to bring him to the Transport. He stepped inside. The door closed behind him, and the Transport left the Hanger. All of the Troops cheered as the Transport disappeared from sight.

“That is all, then?” asked a trooper to Delta X. Delta X looked around.

“We won’t worry if any stragglers are still aboard that ship.” he said. “We will detonate this ship, leave the premises, then return to a hanger area ready for something else.” He waved at a couple of Heavy Troopers, who ran forward. Their guns were loaded with Detonators. “I want you to plant a Det Pack in each Control Room of the R.A.S. They have not died in honor, they have died in fraud.” With those words said, he turned, left the hanger, and was followed by the soldiers in single-file. Nodding to each other, the four Heavy Troopers entered the ship as everyone else left.

The explosion shook the entire ship. People in the Main Control Quarters felt a shifting in the ground under them. Delta X was among those in that room, but he paid no heed as the others turned in surprise.

“Sir, Delta?” called a Radar Officer from across the room. Delta X almost hovered towards him, but he rubbed his eyes and told Delta X what he needed to say. “An escape pod was launched from the R.A.S. just before it exploded. It may have been a malfunction in the ship’s Evacuation System. It is still in range if you would like us to blast it.”

Pondering this, Delta X watched as the small dot disappeared from the radar. The Officer cringed as Delta X turned away.


Many of the Halcyon troops had been carted off through the hallway that Commander Daniel hid in, blending in with the dead. Once the last had been taken away though, he got to his feet and ran through the ship. He searched all the rooms for living, but found none. As he approached the hallway up to the Main Engine Room he noticed that the walls had slashes through them, as well as the ceiling and floor. “Jadis” he thought, feeling them.

Hearing footsteps down the hallway from him, a bead of sweat rolled down his cheek. A heavily armed Coercion soldier walked towards him, lugging around a blaster almost his own size. Raising his own blaster, Daniel shot him right in the heart plate. The Coercion soldier had shot at him, but overshot into the Main Control Room. Was he possibly shooting rocks?

Running down the hallway, he approached the soldier, took his helmet, and sprinted to the Evacuation Room. Tens of escape pods lined up against one another. Daniel tapped in his Identification, jumped in, and slammed on the Airlock. Hitting his head on the ceiling as the escape pod took off, Daniel fell unconscious as his escape pod approached the Planet of Coruscant.

A Red Light blared as confirmed news of the R.A.S. Detonation reached the ears of the Halcyon. Officers were scuttling around crazily as another R.A.S. Unit was about to be launched. Troopers were being loaded heavily with phasers, guns, and some with Thermal Detonators. In less than a minute, almost three quarters of their forces would be unleashed in a Halcyon Attack Wedge to the Mainframe Control Network on the forest moon of Endor.

“Captain!” called a commander, leading an R.A.S. into war. “Confirmed reports of reinforcements to their Mainframe Control Network have been reported. They have visited Tiberius 4 and–” she stopped. “Captain,” she said looking at the radar. “What the HECK is that?”

He turned around, and saw a bleeped dot heading straight towards them–and fast. Grabbing for the intercom, he continued watching the radar. The dot was moving closer.

“Please excuse this interruption,” he started, “I need everyone’s attention, before it’s too late.” At these words, pure silence echoed off of the walls and floors. Not a single footstep could be heard. “Thank you.” he added kindly. “We have found a U.F.O. headed in our Main direction, pointed out by Commander Rose Vertasucin.” He paused again. “I would like to activate Scouting Network Delta Major, as well as Defensive Maneuver Alpha Minor. Commence.” And he hung up the intercom.

With a mild level of talking, the two procedures were activated within ten minutes. Scouting squads 1-3 were sent off of the premises to find quick information about what was going on. The only 100% clear message was that a small meteorite had hit the planet’s surface, not a league away.

The Wedge was called off due to precautionary defense. Losing the base they dwelt in now would be quite the end to the Halcyon, for the information of other bases were located deep within. The meteor was not any natural cause, for it had emerged from the figure of an incredibly large battleship above. Rumor had it that they too were sending in scouts to take hostages or find information. Although none of this had been confirmed as true, the High Council still had great suspicions about this… thing.


“Chhzzzzz….. This is Halcyon 236 to Halcyon Scout Commander, over. Chhzzzzz…..” buzzed in the comm. of the Scout suits. “Chhzzzzz….. This is Halcyon Scout Commander 2 to Halcyon 236. What is your situation? Over.” Silence. “Chhzzzzz….. I think I have found the Meteorite Capsule. It is a rounded, sleek, silver pod, about seven or eight feet long. Over. Chhzzzzz…..” Again, silence. “Beam me in to your location. Round up Halcyon 230-240 as well. Over. Chhzzzzz…..” A brief silence. “Aye aye, captain. Beaming away. Over. Chhzzzzz…..”

They all appeared in a tight circle around a large mossy tree. The tree must have been over 200 years old, for wherever they looked, a top could not be found. The Scout Commander felt the tree, and started to climb, put was pulled down by the Foot Soldiers.

“Commander, I would agree that it is best for you and Halcyon 236 to open the capsule. We will be armed, off of the ground, in case of emergency.” said Halcyon 231. All of the troops agreed, then climbed out of sight into trees dispersed around the clearing. In the center of the clearing, the Capsule lay silently. Birds sang in the distance. Insects were again crawling around. Everything was normal.

“Chhzzzzz….. This is Scout Commander 2 reporting in, sir. Do you read, sir? Over. Chhzzzzz…..” The base all heard this message. “Chhzzzzz….. Aye, this is Captain Ghaujy. Over. Chhzzzzz…..”
“Chhzzzzz….. We’ve found it, sir! Over and out! Chhzzzzz…..”

They carefully approached the capsule, taking turns advancing. Once they were in reach of it, they were quite unsure what to do. The Scout Commander was examining the capsule around the shell.

“This looks quite like an R.A.S. Distress Pod,” commented Halcyon 236, feeling it. “I think that this may hold valuable information as well to what happened up there.” He pointed up to the large Spacecraft docked miles above them.

“It does, indeed.” agreed the Commander. “Fortunately, I know how to open these things.” He found a small button, about a centimeter around. He punched down on it, then watched as a metallic arm pushed the capsule, now vertical. A bang of smoke indicated that the entrance would be opening. Stepping back, they watched as a ramped door slowly descended from the wall. Inside of the Capsule was Commander 72, holding the Helmet of a Coercion Soldier. His unconscious body fell from the pod, then rolled dully down to the ramp on the ground.

The snipers in the trees cheered brightly, sending unaware birds into the sky. They dropped from the trees on cords, then carried the unconscious Commander on a Collapsable Stretcher.

They reached yet another clearing, then stopped. The Scout Commander was accessing his communicator.

“Chhzzzzz….. This is Scout Commander 2, beam us into the Medical Bay immediately. Over. Chhzzzzz…..”

In a flash of light, they were gone.

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    My book, “The Tale of Two Elves” also coming soon. Check back in, and you may view the first chapter! 🙂

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    Which is the Prologue.

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    I just read chapter 2!!! It is way better than my book 😦

    I like the idea of a cloud temple and the battle of will was described very well.

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    And by the way, I’m going to change some of the spells. For example, the fire-controlling spell, Firema, well be spelled like this:

    Mateobeccar: Noooo! Firema is a classic spell! please don’t change Firema or watema!

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    I was actually planning to do this for a long time, but I didn’t know how.

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