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Chapter 2

The other elf glanced at Zhomiulo, who was screaming at the top of his lungs while bleeding to death.

The look on his face was somewhere between a twisted, evil smirk and extreme anger.

He obviously had a name, but liked to keep it a secret. His straggly hair was incredibly black, and there seemed to be a streak of blood somewhere. He was dressed in black and blood red. He was the leader of an evil army, and was extremely fond of killing and torturing… everyone.

“Poof poof,” he muttered under his breath with a twisted smirk on his face. He then teleported himself to a gigantic room.

There were no windows in it; it was completely dark with the exception of a small candle in the corner. In the center of the room, there was a table that measured 15 feet long, which was cluttered with a wide assortment of books, pens, notebooks, and small bottles filled with potion. There were tall gray leather chairs on either side of it, and one huge throne at the end.

“Hello, sir,” one of the elves in the army, Zhelérriona, greeted him politely. “Where’s Zhomiulo?”

The leader smirked yet again. “I murdered him, you foolish moron!” he replied nastily.

“Why?” Zhelérionna asked. Her cheeks turned bright red.

“DON’T QUESTION ME!” the leader roared, completely infuriated. His eyes flickered white, much like extremely hot fire.

Zhelérriona stared at him, terrified. “A thousand apologies, sir,” she replied flatly. As she said that, her eyes flickered white, exactly like the leader’s.

The other elves in the room looked away, which began a long, awkward, intense silence.

Three minutes later, the leader randomly stood up, and everyone flinched.

He then strolled out the doorway of the room. When he returned, he was clutching an extremely thick notebook in his hands. The edges of the pages were soaked with blood.

He grabbed a pen and sat down.

“Hopefully, you all remember our conspiring to ambush Club Penguin from last night,” he announced with no emotion whatsoever. This was followed by a low chorus of “Yes, sir”s.

“Splendid.” The leader slammed his notebook onto the table. He opened it, and it seemed that everything was written in a secret code… except the words “Club Penguin,” “Zoriezla Dezairion,” and “world domination.”

* * *


Zoriezla woke up suddenly, her heart pounding. She looked out the window of her tiny cottage. Standing up, she noticed something glittering on the floor. It was her golden pocket watch. She picked it up, flipped it open, and checked the time. It was 5:00 AM.

She then thought about the dream she had- if it was a dream. Her heart seemed to sink into her chest as she placed the pocket watch on the scratched, somewhat dirty hardwood floor.

I can’t let them do it, she thought, feeling determined.

Club Penguin Island… the world… someone must save it… soon…

Suddenly, aas she glanced around the cottage, she came up with an idea- although she knew it would be nearly impossible. Strangely enough, she felt that it was worth trying.

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