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Chapter 4

Broad, tall trees surrounded Zoriezla when she opened her eyes. The fresh, green leaves and their long, twisted branches formed a large canopy, and the ground, covered in wild Kishrylmian plants and soft green grass, was dappled with sunlight.

Byzerrydo stood beside her.

In front of them rested a gigantic cave. The entrance was about ninety feet wide.

“We’re here,” Zoriezla said, grinning. Grabbing Byzerrydo’s hand, she ran into the cave.

It was extremely dark. For anyone else, walking into the cave would be putting himself or herself in jeopardy. The cave was extremely dark, and enormous boulders were everywhere.

Zoriezla looked up. A loose clump of soil suddenly fell with a loud thud. It landed near Zoriezla’s right foot. She frowned as she looked at it.

This cave is going to collapse any minute now, Zoriezla thought. She raised her staff.

“Pyzéra!” she shouted. The cave immediately repaired itself. Boulders, pebbles, bits of dirt, and shards of Kishrylmian crystals rose from all directions, filling in the gaps of the cave’s wall.

However, this had no effect on the darkness.

“Zebiralziniyo tezibezhra kezibirelle!” Zoriezla yelled. The tip of her staff ignited. She held it as if it were a torch, gracefully maneuvering through the cave, Byzerrydo at her side.

She glanced at him. When he glanced back at her, they both grinned for an inexplicable reason.

They soon approached their destination. It looked like a cross between an enormous cave and a gigantic, barren field.

Emerald green fires of a variety of sizes danced and crackled everywhere, giving the area a mystical glow and making the Kazerreshrida dragons clearly visible. Their emerald green scales reflected the firelight. 

Many of the younger dragons recklessly chased each other around every fire they could find. It was a dangerous thing to do, but they found it highly enjoyable.  

As one dragon ran past Byzerrydo and Zoriezla, he skidded to a halt and looked at them intently.

“Play with us,” he commanded.

“No,” Zoriezla replied flatly, showing no emotion on her face whatsoever. “I am looking for Drizeirriviye.”

The dragon turned away awkwardly and continued running.

“How are we going to find Drizeirriviye?!” Byzerrydo cried, extremely frustrated. He stamped his foot on a nearby rock in anger. It immediately cracked into a myriad of uneven pieces.

“Felzrag!” Zoriezla shouted. Her feet suddenly rose above the ground.

She grinned widely. “Drizeirriviye!” she cheered. 

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