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Chapter 5

Drizeirriviye saw her and grinned. He then charged backward, with his shimmering, scale-covered, strong  legs stretched out before him. He almost looked as if he were stalking prey, but kept eye contact with Zoriezla and Byzerrydo.

He gracefully leaped across the cave, stretching out his wings, which piloted him through the cave. The younger dragons frantically scrambled out of his way, fearing they would get trampled on.

Knowing Drizeirriviye, Zoriezla was in no way surprised that he soared several feet over them, and the landing was spectacularly graceful. Not even a single speck of dust got on Zoriezla’s, or Byzerrydo’s, feet.

The younger dragons emerged from the boulders they were hiding behind, and looked at Drizeirriviye in awe. When he saw this, the cheerful grin on his face became a slightly arrogant smirk.

He then turned around and looked at Zoriezla and Byzerrydo.

“Hello!” he greeted them. “What brings you here today?”

“Quite a few things,” Zoriezla replied gravely. “I’ll tell you when we get out of the cave…”

Drizeirriviye looked at her curiously. Before he could say anything, they were running out of the cave. Drizeirriviye crushed a few rocks as he did this.

When they reached the outside of the cave, Drizeirriviye stared at Zoriezla.

“What exactly was it that brought you here today?” he asked.

As Zoriezla tried to find the best way to answer his question, Byzerrydo smiled and said, “Stangely enough, even though you have told me, I was wondering the same thing.”

Everything that had occurred the previous night was suddenly being replayed in Zoriezla’s mind. Her eyes became wide and unfocused, and she felt dazed.

“Zoriezlaaaaa…!” Byzerrydo yelled. His voice sounded as if he was standing 1,000 feet away.

“I worry about her sometimes…” Drizeirriviye whispered.

Byzerrydo inched closer towards Zoriezla. He picked up his wand, his arm shaking.

“WATÉMA!” he shouted (somewhat reluctantly) for the second time that day.

Water from the Lezyverre River fell under his control, and he used it to splash Zoriezla. She subconsciously dodged it, and snapped out of her daze.

Taking a deep breath, she stared at Drizeirriviye.

“Last night, I was in the forest, drawing a picture. When I completed it, I jumped down, and noticed two elves stalking me. One of them shouted the spell ‘Dejarralynru,’ which resulted in him getting a handful of strawberries. But the other elf became angry and killed him…” she went into great detail about everything.

“I know I’m involved somehow. I can’t let them do this. I know that Club Penguin Island has no defense force of any kind; therefore, I believe we should create an army to protect it.”

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  1. Pengbro2 permalink
    April 27, 2009 10:37 PM

    Awesome! This chapter leaves me in TOTAL SUSPENSE

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