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1. Control fire- firéma

(pronounced fi-ray-muh)


Difficulty Level- 7

2. Control water- watéma

(pronouncer wah-tay-muh)

Orgin- Unknown

Difficulty Level- 8.5

3. Bring good luck- zorgibynvré

(pronounced zor-gee-bin-vray)

Origin- Kishrylmia

Difficulty Level- 10

4. Change color- sajomréa

(pronouced suh-jom-ray-uh)

Origin- Invented by Razydézhri and Elifrya

Difficulty Level- 8

5. Become invisible- zélynaria

(pronounced zay-lin-arr-ee-uh)

Origin- Kishrylmia

Difficulty Level- 6

6. Shoot lasers from the tip of your wand/staff- zegro

(pronounced zeg-ROW)

Origin- Zévejria

Difficulty Level- 2

7. Fly- felzrag

Origin- Kishrylmia

Difficulty Level- 9.5

8. Reflect spells- reflyttiozerrena

(pronounced reff-lit-ee-ozz-err-en-uh)

Orgin- Zévejria

Difficulty Level- 3

9. Teleport- Traivellia

Origin- Kishrylmia

Difficulty Level- 5

Note: This spell can only be used when the user knows exactly where he or she is teleporting to, and was originally called “Poof poof.”

10. Change your appearance- chazaré

(pronounced chaz-uh-ray)

Origin- Invented by Zoriezla Dezairion

Difficulty Level- 10

11. Change weather- wenaezerra

(pronounced wen-ay-zerr-uh)

Origin- Kishrylmia

Difficulty Level- Beyond 10

(This spell is EXTREMELY difficult. It can take up to twelve years to master.)

12. Control animals- anéma

(pronounced an-ay-muh)

Origin- Unknown

Difficulty Level- depends on animal’s strength

13. Control plants- plantéma

(pronounced plant-ay-muh)

Origin- Unknown

Difficulty Level- 1-8 (depends on size of plant)

14. Control inanimate objects- thingéma

(pronounced thing-ay-muh)

Origin- Unknown

Difficulty Level- 1

15. Make someone tell the truth- zadyzhelrémylyn

(pronounced zad-i-zhell-RAY-mill-in)


Difficulty Level- varies greatly

16. ??????????- dejarralynru

(pronounced dej-arr-uh-lin-ROO)

Origin- Invented by Dejrélyn Zazhriona and Jetréarra Loschryku

Difficulty Level- unknown

17. Melt things- lymynéla

(pronounced lim-in-ay- luh)

Origin- Kishrylmia

Difficulty Level- 4

18. Fix things- pyzéra

(pronounced pizz-ay-ruh)

Origin- Kishrylmia

Difficulty Level- varies greatly

19.Light the tip of your wand/staff- zebiralziniyo tezibezhra kezibirelle

(pronounced zeb-i-rall-zin-i-YO, tez-eeb-ezh-ruh, kez-ib-eer-ell!)

Origin- Zalirrachia

Difficulty Level- 6

20.Cure Elven illnesses- zavrioterrzlyn

(pronounced zav-ree-oh-terr-zlin)

Origin- Kishrylmia

Difficulty Level- Beyond 10

(This spell is VERY difficult. It can only be performed by elves who have very strong Elf Magic powers.)

21. Grow trees- mazerrquaff

Origin- Invented by Vennard, a.k.a. Quizhaffur

Difficulty Level- 5

22. Start fires- fryzélianarrkae

(pronounced friz-ay-lee-uh-narr-kay)


Difficulty Level- unknown

23. Freeze things- lyfédiorre

(pronounced liff-ay-dee-OR)

Origin- Kishrylmia

Difficulty Level- 4


Pronounciation Guide:

Delvyréla: dell-vi-ray-luh

Zefaltro: zeff-all-tro

Kishrylmia: KEY-shrill-mee-uh

Latavyss: lat-uh-viss

Jifaltron: jiff-AL-trun

Arryzério: arr-iz-ay-ree-oh

Fejaierr: fej-EYE-er

Schalyrryk: schal-ir-rick

Rendyflykon: ren-diff-lick-on

Rukintreph: Roo-kin-treff


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  1. Pengbro2 permalink
    July 27, 2009 12:01 PM

    How do you pronounce Delvyréla’s town’s name?

    • July 27, 2009 4:02 PM

      I forgot to add that…

      • Pengbro2 permalink
        July 27, 2009 7:46 PM

        Thanks! It’s fun to say…

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