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Chapter 3

Two hours slowly became three as Delvyréla guided herself and Arryzério through the forest. The trees obscured almost all visual cues to the location of Mount Rendyflykon, where a herd of Kazerreshrida dragons had settled in a cave that had been hollowed by harsh winds.

“This is horrendous,” whined Delvyréla miserably as a gust of wind whipped a long, wide wisp of hair in her face. This revealed her elegant, pointed ears.

“I totally agree,” said Arryzério. “However, strong winds mean Mount Rendyflykon is at least somewhat nearby.”

The enormous, rocky, rugged mountain, whose peak was the highest point in Kishrylmia, was infamous for its harsh winds and freezing climate. Even in the warmest summer months, it was capped with freshly fallen snow.

With each step, the mountain seemed to become more visible. Delvyréla and Arryzério continued their seemingly endless through the forest, leaping over wild plants and being careful not to disturb the other animals living in the forest.

Although her feet were beginning to feel sore, Delvyréla still felt determined to find the Kazerreshrida dragons. Arryzério, however, seemed to be having second thoughts as they approached their fourth hour of trekking.

“Delvyréla,” he called.

Delvyréla flinched; she was so intensely focused on her journey to Mount Rendyflykon that she almost forgot about Arryzério.

“What?” she responded.

“I’m sorry, but I’m not sure if I can keep going on. My feet ache and this hike seems endless. We’ve been walking for about four hours.”

“I know,” replied Delvyréla. “I’ve been waiting awhile to do this…”

She lifted her staff. “FELZRAG!” she shouted, grabbing Arryzério’s hand. They then propelled into the air, above the trees, and across the valley separating the forest and Mount Rendyflykon.

The wind whipping against Delvyréla’s face felt oddly good for a short while, and it was not long before she felt that it was attacking her.

“Aaaaaack!” she cried. “The wind is going to tear my face off!”

It did not take much time before Delvyréla realized how to slow down. Suddenly, all of the wind seemed to be manipulated by her. Using this to her advantage, Delvyréla created a gentle, pleasant breeze.

Arryzério seemed to enjoy it as much as Delvyréla, who tried as hard as she could not to look at him; the beauty was almost hypnotizing. They continued leisurely gliding in the air around the same spot for about five minutes before Delvyréla noticed. Arryzério also noticed, looked at Delvyréla, and remarked humorously, “Please don’t speed up again. I’d like to have the skin of my face to be ON my face, thanks.”

They both laughed.

Soon, they reached the rocky summit of Mount Rendyflykon. Delvyréla looked at it with pure amazement.

“We’re finally here,” she said, smiling.

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