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Chapter 4

An exhilarated Delvyréla and a slightly reluctant Arryzério walked into the cave. It was bathed in soft, emerald-green light. Dragons were everywhere; the cave was ginormous. The dragons’ scales shimmered in the light, which came from the Kazerrshrida dragons’ beautiful, emerald fire.

Young dragons chased each other around the cave, playfully breathing fire as they did so. They leaped over fires created by adult dragons, spreading out their relatively thin wings.  The dragons’ bodies were stunning. They somewhat resembled enlarged lizards, but with wings and a long, slender snout.

One dragon seemed to stand out among the others. Some of his scales were a darker shade of green and a black stripe ran across his tail. He stood alone but proudly for no particular reason.

“Look out!” Delvyréla cried as a huge dragon swooped in, clutching a dead, bloody creature in its front paw.

At that moment, all activity stopped. Every dragon except the darker one ran to the back of the cave, baring their sharp teeth at Delvyréla and Arryzério.

“What are those… those things?” inquired a small dragon quietly.

“Elves,” hissed an older dragon.

The darker dragon stepped forward.

“No, Rukintreph, don’t!” another dragon yelled. Rukintreph, the dark dragon, completely ignored him.

Rukintreph lowered his neck so his head was level with Delvyréla.

“What brings you here?” he asked with a deep, booming voice. He was so close that Delvyréla could smell his breath and almost feel what he was thinking.

Wow, he speaks Kishrylmian!? she thought.

“Um… my parents were killed and I have almost no memory of the incident because of a spell…” Delvyréla trailed off nervously. “So, uh, I was informed that Kazerrshrida dragons can restore magic-induced memory loss. Sorry to be a bother. If it’s too out-of-the-way, that’s fine, I’d completely-”

“Shut up. I get it. Why must you elves always act this way when you meet dragons for the first time? And besides, have you ever heard that saying, ‘Be careful what you wish for?’ Because I’m sure that once you know how your parents died, you’ll wish you didn’t,” Rukintreph rambled.

“Okay, I understand, and you have a good point there. But is it possible for me to just know who killed my parents?” Delvyréla asked, feeling her relationship with the dragon was not starting well.

“I suppose so,” replied Rukintreph. “Climb up my back. Your friend can come too if he wants. Just climb up my tail, but be careful.”

Delvyréla looked at Arryzério, who nodded as he met her eyes. Rukintreph walked out of the cave.

“Hold on!” he cautioned. Immediately afterward, he shot up into the bright blue sky.

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