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Welcome to the NEW Penglibrary!

February 22, 2010

Hey Penguins–

You don’t have to even be able to see to know that I made some changes around here (well, you probably do, actually 😆 ). I’ve changed the theme and I have deleted some posts, so it’s a bit more ‘fresh’ (but not the theme!).

So, it’s all the same site and pages, and most everything is the same. Thanks for your cooperation and I’ll see you around!! 😀

We Waddle On!




October 11, 2009

Ok for my last edition of my books my 2nd one is done(or deleted). But Im goin to make a new one!!


What if I told you CP met its end, scared to death and all  lights and electric things went down, even if it had batteries. Spirits came and penguins saw a planet, but it wasnt…It was a HUGE astroid, even if you survived the spirits will find you and kill you to death, I cant say an………………

2.1 is out!!

September 7, 2009

Hello Penguins!!! Guess what? 2.1 is out!(Book 2, Chapter1) Theres a new person in it. And I promise Book 3-5 is going to be the best!

Big Chill is lazy

Chapter 3 Sneak Peek

September 6, 2009

Wow, I haven’t posted in a while. 😳

I was stuck on Chapter 2 of my story, so a few weeks ago, so out of boredom, I started working on Chapter 3. I changed the story somewhat- the dragon cave is at the base of a mountain, and Delvyréla is eleven years old.

I will change it a lot before it’s officially released. It will be more relevant to the end of Chapter 2 (which remains unfinished).


Two hours slowly became three as Delvyréla guided herself and Arryzério throughout the forest. The trees obscured almost all visual cues to the location of Mount Rendyflykon, where a herd of Kazerreshrida dragons had settled in a cave that had been hollowed by harsh winds.

“This is horrendous,” whined Delvyréla miserably as a gust of wind whipped a long, wide wisp of hair in her face. This revealed her elegant, pointed ears.

“I totally agree,” said Arryzério. “However, strong winds mean Mount Rendyflykon is nearby.”

The enormous, rocky, rugged mountain, whose peak was the highest point in Kishrylmia, was infamous for its harsh winds and freezing climate. Even in the warmest summer months, it was capped with freshly fallen snow.

As Delvyréla and Arryzério neared the mountain, it was much more visible. It was not long before the forest had thinned into a nearly lifeless plain at the base of the mountain.


I had a hard time describing some thiongs, but tell me what you think!

Vékriarralyn jaschryl!

~Zaeriuraschi 11098

Check it out!

September 5, 2009

Hey guys!
So, if you want to read a story I’ve worked hard on, go to my page then click the sub page untitled story! It’s a story I’m planning on sending into my school newspaper for a publishing contest with scholastic! rate it and tell me where I should go with it! Sorry I’m not saying much! I’m partying with mat, cca and pillipeng at mats college! lol
See you!

Club Puffle part 3 is out!

September 4, 2009

Hey penguins! What you’ve all been waiting for! Part 3 of my (awesome) movie! i am going to shut up now and ur going to enjoy!!

Please tell me what you think!

Keep visiting and waddling!


Chapter 2 is out!

September 2, 2009

Iamthewalrus hacked Big Chill2 I will get you dumbos next.

Lol JK!! and your NOT dumbos lol. Guess what? Chapter 2 is out!! And Chapter 1 is coming out today!! Hopefully…..

Iamthedumbwalrus is realllllyyy dumb

Big Chill2